Review: Glossybox UK October 2017

Hi Everyone


I received my October Glossybox week before last but had not got a chance to go through the contents properly until now and although late wanted to let you know my thoughts as a few of my followers had asked me.    Glossybox is a  monthly beauty subscription box which costs £10.00 (plus p&p) per month and 3, 6 & 12 monthly subscriptions are also available.


Five personalised beauty products are included each month which are normally sent wrapped in pink tissue paper with a black bow in the signature pink Glossybox but this month is one of the collector’s edition boxes – two different versions available this month; the Unicorn or the Mermaid – I received the Unicorn box – which is beautiful.  You can sign up through my referral link here  if you want and then you will get 20% off your first box when you subscribe.

Makeup Revolution Redemption Palette Mermaids VS Unicorns – Full Size £4not really a fan of Makeup Revolution eye shadows so although nice to get a full size palette and colours do look quite nice not going to use as going to give to my niece who I know will be v happy to get it;


Kawaii Enterprise Brush Cleansing Egg  Full Size £7.99 this is cute and you just need to pop fingers inside the ‘egg’, wet brush and add a dash of liquid soap swirl brushes over the small nodules at top to lather and then remove the foam and product build up by running bristles down the deeper grooves which is also supposed to realign the brush hairs without damaging them – I have tried a few times and does work well and useful to have but would not be rushing out to purchase again as I find the small mat I got with my beauty blender cleanser is handier and works just as well, if not better-though still nice to get another full size item;

Lord & Berry Magic Brown Perfect Eye Brow Pencil (deluxe sample) Full Size  is £14  I love lipsticks from this brand and this pencil looks the right colour for my eyebrows ‘brunette’ and is quite creamy does not ‘drag’ too much – however I am unable to try yet as only got my ‘micro blading’ done 10 days ago (intend to post a review about it shortly) and cannot use any makeup products on my brows for 14 days – however will try then and if I think it is good will do a separate review;


Bang Beauty Multi Purpose Cream Color in Dolce Pink (can be used as a Blusher, eyeshadow, highlighter & lip product) – Full Size £19.50 – Never heard of this brand before and this is another Full Size item so Glossybox are spoiling us this month.  I initially was a bit surprised that Glossybox included two blushes but as this can also be used a number of ways not too disappointed, although would still have prepared a different makeup item.  It has a lovely creamy consistency, is a beautiful rose gold/pink colour, does look well as a blusher and can be used on the lips and eyes but as it is not very pigmented think it is better as just a blush or highlighter – it is lovely applied on top of the Sleek blush as well.  It also feels a bit sticky when applied to the eyelids / lips but looks and feels ok just under the eyebrows.  Although a quite good natural blush and packaging is nice, I do not think it is worth £19.50 – I definitely would not purchase at this price – however still happy was included and was nice to try.

*SPOILER* November Sneak Peek – states this contour brush has incredibly soft short bristles for seamless contouring, highlighting and blending so makeup becomes a second skin.  Love trying different brushes so hopefully this one will be good.


In addition you can currently purchase a Limited Edition Beauty Case for £59.99 (free p&p & worth over £270), while stocks last – love the look of the reusable case although I see I already have a number of the items but as it is fantastic value I may still just have to get one (photo below).


Look forward to any comments you may have – if you have received this month’s box would love to know what you thought.

If you are not already a follower would love you to follow my blog too – would mean a lot.   I intend to have more posts up tomorrow and I am also going to do an Octobers favourites post as well, it will be up tomorrow or Wednesday.

Hope you all have a fantastic week and a lovely relaxing break if you are off.

Thank you and take care.

Best Wishes Liz x

6 thoughts on “Review: Glossybox UK October 2017

  1. Susie says:

    Wow micro blading, was it sore. I like this glossybox although usually I’m not madly keen, I love blusher so always like them as I’ll wear mostly anything although I’m enjoying hybrids and paint pots for a pop of colour. The limited edition really looks gorgeous.

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    • kellyklk says:

      Hi Susie thank you no, not sore just a bit scratchy – although I haven’t got one, few people have said it feels similar as getting a small tattoo. Yes I am happier with this month’s as well- I know what you mean blushes are always useful. Yes Limited Edition does look good and guess what couldn’t resist so purchased one. Take care and have a fanatic week and enjoy tomorrow as well. Liz xx


      • Susie says:

        Thank you, no tattoos terrify me but would love the microblading. If I had not spent so much recently then I would have purshased the glossybox special edition too, I love it. I love both the contents and think the casing is beautiful and handy. Have a great day from Susie

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  2. Scarletpiper says:

    Very nice, I just did my ipsy unbagging if you would like to take a look! But I also just re-signed up to glossy box because I get to pay $10 for the next 3 months lol… I like that they sent an eyeshadow palette looks really pretty

    Liked by 1 person

    • kellyklk says:

      Hi thank you – will take a look now and follow you as well. Pity Ipsy does not ship to UK as always love watching each month as usually such a good variety of products. Enjoy the rest of the week. Liz X


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