Review: My Little Box & ASOS – Oct 2017

Hi Everyone

I hope you are all well – so hard to believe it is 31st October already.


I only received my October 2017 My Little Box end of last week,  received mine later this month.   This month’s box/bag has been created by My Little Box with ASOS  – As always the box, cards, print, packaging coordinated perfectly in line with the theme and a beautiful quote is back this month embossed on the inner lid of the outer cardboard box –  love this quote and agree with it totally we are all ‘Limited Edition / Special’, we just need reminded from time to time (see above).    The box costs £14.95 (inclusive of p&p) per month (but as said before always check to see if any offers on first, if thinking of subscribing).


This month instead of a box we received a beautiful large patterned gold toned zipped pouch which can be used to store so many different items – I love the design and it is a lovely quality bag.  Love this edition this month.  No booklet this month instead we got a double-sided card  which fits perfectly with theme.

 Included in this months ‘bag’ are:  


 A ‘My Little Box’  ASOS notebook–  love this addition as I cannot have too many notebooks and this one is so, so pretty.  Pages on one side are lined for your  ‘Thoughts’ and other side is plain for your  ‘Scribbles – perfect;




No ‘My Little Box’ drawstring smaller pouch again this month  – do not mind as the following FOUR ‘beauty’ items came inside the beautiful patterned larger pouch.


My Little Beauty Handcream (50ml) FULL SIZE  love the matching design and again I can never have too many hand creams.  This one has a v light fragrance and feels lovely on the skin and sinks in really quickly, no greasy residue – would be perfect for your handbag but would need to use a heavier one at night as although feels good, personally does not keep my hands hydrated enough;


Nude by Nature Perfecting Primer (15ml) – Sample Size this is an Australian brand and love their packaging.  I have tried this primer before and although this is a sample size still large enough sample to see if suitable.  It is a quite good primer and a nice base for applying makeup.  Although I find it a bit tacky at the beginning, tackiness does gradually disappear after few minutes as it sinks into your skin.  Does leave a nice glow to the skin but not sure about the perfecting element but will still use, just not sure would purchase;


Pureheals Propolis Rose Callus Sheet Mask – Moisturising & Shiny – always happy  when I see a sheet mask included, especially when I have never tried it before.    I have still to try this mask but sounds good, just not sure about the Rose element but hopefully not too rose fragranced.  It states;  their sheet masks have the added benefit of a three-layer technology that locks maximum levels of moisture into your skin – look forward to trying this weekend and if good will post a short review; and


ASOS Black Liquid Liner Full Size  £6so pleased to see this included as had recently seen that ASOS had launched their own beauty products and they were on my list to purchase so delighted first item I got to try is the eyeliner one of my favourite makeup items.  Love the simple black and pink packaging and felt-tip applicator makes it so easy to apply – lovely black line which I find lasts pretty well does smudge a bit initially but need to try for a longer period of time to confirm how good it is, as one thing I really dislike is looking in the mirror and finding your eyeliner is not where is should be!


We also received a little note-book 31 days off ‘Tone Up Your Creativity ideas’ – love the first ‘idea’ I seen below – which is so true.


I am delighted with this month’s  box / bag – love this new addition.  Also love all the products this month, four beauty items as well – personally a v good month for me.  Excellent value and although maybe another accessory item would have been nice I do not mind as v pleased with what I got.  Although  I am still hoping maybe next month / December we get either a scarf, gloves, socks etc as one of the accessory items to match the ‘season’.

Any queries / comments please let me know, also if you received this months ‘bag’ would love to know what you thought of it?

If you are not already a follower would love you to follow my blog too – would mean a lot.  I will have more posts up tomorrow, later in the week

Enjoy today and the rest of the week.

Thank you & take care.

Best Wishes Liz x

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