SPACEMASKS – Interstellar Relaxation Eye Mask

Hi Everyone

Although know not easy at the moment hope you all still managed to have a good Christmas, New Year.

Sorry been absent for so long, I still can’t believe been so long since my last post, time has just flown past even with the current difficult situation we find ourselves in – but lots of positive energy / thoughts for 2021 and beyond.

However starting from today going to try to get back into posting regularly, at least once a week and thought no better way to get back into to it than by telling you about an eyemask I fell in love with before and during ‘lockdown’, working from home the ‘Spacemasks‘ Interstellar Relaxation ‘self heating’ Eyemask.About/packaging

Spacemasks, is a self heating ‘cloth feel’ eye mask which comes packaged in a sealed  star detailed ‘foiled’ sachet and can by purchased individually from £3.50 each or in a pack of 5 for £15.  Love the star detail on the packaging/mask as well, I am a fan of stars on anything so that catches my ‘eye’ straight away, sorry for the ‘pun’ lol.

The original scent which I have used the most is the Jasmine scented one (above) which I love and is so relaxing but there are now two additional scents available; Chamomile and Rose  both available in packs of 5 and states £1 + VAT from purchase of each of these boxes goes to supporting the following charities as well which is lovely – rose version ‘The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity’ and chamomile scented one, the ‘Littlelifts’ charity.


Once you are sitting/lying comfortably, you just need to open package unfold mask, gently place the Spacemask over your eyes and just fit the loops around your ears – so easy, comfortable with no mess,  also no need to worry about it falling off either if you move as the loops hold it securely –  though once you put it on you won’t want to budge anyway.

As opening the sachets activates the mask, ‘within a couple of minutes you’ll feel your Spacemask heat up as the oxygen molecules in the atmosphere cuddle up to the mask’s iron particles in a natural heat exchange’, make sure you are ready to apply once opened as you dont want to waste a minute of its benefits as once you apply you can feel it starting to warm up, relieving any tiredness/eye strain.   States can enjoy for approx 15 minutes but I usually keep on longer although you can feel the warmth fading the longer you leave it on.


I find these masks have so many benefits which includes the following:

  • So easy to apply;
  • Feels so comfortable on;
  • Fragrance relaxing not over powering;
  • Relieves tiredness;
  • Soothes irritated eyes from lack of sleep, eye strain too much looking at screens, working in front of a laptop, computer etc;
  • Helps you to switch off to enable you to relax and dose off as well even for a short time;
  • No mess.

I have used these on numerous occasions, at home, especially now with working from home as spend too long in front of the laptop so my eyes get v tired and strained,  on short hotel stays (not for a while), and when travelling long distance (also been a while) and on each and every one of these occasions the spacemask has helped eased the tiredness, discomfort/irritation I have felt – it was the only thing that helped on my trip to Australia as I slept v little on the journey and due to this my eyes got so uncomfortable but the spacemask relieved the discomfort and then it felt like I had a few good hours sleep – which was bliss.

I have bought numerous boxes, single masks now and will continue to do so (and also kindly gifted some as well, see photo below) – though think may try the other fragrances next.

I highly recommend trying for yourself if you havent already, as they are just so good, would be great if you could get a reusable one…maybe in the future…  Box is great value and you could gift a few to family / friends as well – lovely relaxing treat especially now.

You can currently purchase spacemasks from a number of online stores including but as always keep checking as well to see if any offers on; sometimes they are included in beauty boxes, or within a gift with purchase(s) – one included within my Libertys London 2020 Beauty Advent Calendar which I was delighted to see.

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Thank you, take care, stay safe and hope you have a great week.

Huge Virtual Hugs.

Best Wishes Liz x

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ASOS Skincare Ingredients ‘Beauty’ Box

Hi Everyone

Friday again, the weeks are flying past – been quiet again last two weeks as my ‘wordpress’ has been playing up, hopefully all sorted now.

Just wanted to let you know ASOS has released another new beauty box, the Skincare Ingredients Box.

The ‘new’ box is £12 and contains the following 5 items:

Please see photo below of products in box and link here for full details.

Although is good value as personally not overly excited about the selection think will give it a miss this month especially as I just have so many products to use up.  However if you are interested need to be quick as these boxes sell out pretty quickly.

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Thank you – take care and have a lovely weekend.

Liz xx

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YOU Beauty Summer Box 2020

Hi Everyone

Hope your weekend going well – just wanted to let you know about another beauty box offer I seen this morning from You Magazine  – the YOU Beauty Summer Box which states is worth £170 was selling for £40 but now when you use the code YOUSUMMER at checkout you will get the box for £35 inclusive of postage and packing while stocks last.

States included in the box are the following 15 items:

  • Jurlique, Rose Balancing Mist, 15ml, RRP: £5
  • Murad, Essential C – Cleanser, 30ml, RRP: £6
  • Dr PawPaw – Shea Butter Balm, 25ml, RRP: £6
  • This Works – Morning Expert Hyluronic Serum, 10ml, RRP: £8
  • REGENERATE, Advanced Foaming Mouthwash, 50ml, RRP: £10
  • PRAI, Ageless Throat & Decolletage Crème, 15ml, RRP: £9
  • Goldfaden MD, Bright Eyes, 5ml, RRP: £18
  • Perricone MD,No Makeup Instant Blur Compact, RRP: £45
  • Nuxe, Reve de Miel Body Scrub, 30ml, RRP: £3.50
  • Clarins, Supra Volume Mascara, 3.5ml, RRP: £8.63
  • Batiste, Volume OR De-Frizz, 50ml, RRP: £2.50
  • E.L.F, Highlighter Palette, RRP: £10
  • Philip Kingsley, Body Building Shampoo , 20ml, RRP: £3
  • Medik8, Retional 3 TR , 15ml, RRP: £33
  • Rimmel, Nail Polish 60 Seconds – Coralicious, 8ml, RRP: £3.49

Please see photo below of products in box and link here for full details.

It is v good value especially if you like any of the items already or maybe just wanted to try some of them – especially like the sound of the Perricone MD Blur Compact and going by RRP (selling for £45 on the Perricone uk site as well, although currently you can get 10% off it) you would be getting this for £10 less and all the rest of the items included.  Great for splitting up into number of smaller gifts as well.

Hope you found this useful – welcome any comments you may have.

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Thank you and take care.

Best Wishes Liz x

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The ‘New’ Cult Beauty Starter Kit

Hi Everyone

Hope you are all doing ok and taking care.  So sorry been so long since my last post but all being well from next week I will be back to posting on a regular basis.

There have been so many FAB beauty gifts with purchases recently and  v good special edition beauty boxes that I thought would start back with the most recent of those – the New Cult Beauty Starter Kit box.Cult Beauty The Cult Beauty Starter Kit

The set above costs £30 but states worth over £95 and contains the following 5 products:

  • Benefits Cosmetics BADGal Bang Mascara 4g  – RRP £12 – although can purchase at this size,  it states in description  / shows the one included in starter kit as the full size (RRP £22.50) but the 4g size is a ‘travel size mini’ – so not sure which will be included, think should be the full size one but waiting confirmation from Cult Beauty and will update when I know.  UPDATE: Cult Beauty have confirmed that is is the 8.5g full size mascara that will be included in kit/box, which is great  – they have updated details on their page as well;
  • Charlotte Tibury Collagen Lip Bath 7.9ml – RRP £25;
  • Herbivore Lapis Balancing Face Oil 8ml – RRP £22;
  • Supergoop Unseen Sunscreen SPF 30 15ml – RRP £15; and
  • Laura Mercier Caviar Stick Eye Colour 1g (1.64g RRP £25) – 4 shades to choose from.

I do think this is v good value, although working out less than £95 if only a 4g mascara is included, and a nice range of products but in my opinion just not as good as their last one but still have went ahead and purchased as already like the bad gal mascara, Charlotte Tilbury Collagen Lip bath and been wanting to try the Supergoop suncreen as well.   Intrigued by the Herbivore Facial Oil too – a review will be on the way once I get trying for a period of time.

There are also a number of free gift with set purchase(s) offers on as well so recommend checking them out.

Also remember to claim your cashback on any Cult Beauty purchases, it is worth it even if you have to wait a while before it is payable, I class it like savings until I can ‘claim’ it back.  You can sign up via my link here , if you are not already signed up (thank you in advance if you use my link) or if would like to see more details on ‘cashback’ please see my much earlier post here.

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Thank you – take care and stay safe.

Best Wishes Liz x

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SPACENK UK ‘The Party Favours’ GWP – Free Gift with Purchase(s)

Hello Everyone

Just to let you know the latest SpaceNK FREE Gift with Purchase is now available online and in-store while stocks last – ‘The Party Favours Gift’.  When you spend £250, or over this time (excludes gift cards, sale items and delivery charges)  you will receive a FREE gift – states it is worth over £450 (photo below), while stocks last. Gift contains 26 beauty products, a Monica Vinader bracelet, a £25 SpaceNK Gift Card and 10 Xmas empty gift boxes (to use to split up the free gift into smaller gifts if you want).


You can find out full details of what is in the gift via the link here.


(Few of the items included in the FREE gift)

I definitely would recommend taking a look at the SpaceNK site and although I understand it is a large spend this time again, though £50 less than last years, the FREE gift is impressive so if you had intended to treat yourself or get a number of gifts anyway, it is a good time to get them if you can, while this free gift is available, as the FREE gift could be split into a number of smaller gifts / few for yourself as well and with the added ’empty’ gift packaging included even easier to do.  Especially love the addition of the Monica Vinader Bracelet this time.

As advised before I do like the selection of brands / products available in SpaceNK – although as always I try to purchase when gifts with purchase, special offers are on. Therefore if you have been wanting to treat yourself / someone else to a more expensive beauty advent calendar as well, you could purchase it as part of your £250 spend.  The calendar is £195 (states worth over £550),  see photo below and link here for full details.

spnk3I also love the extras you receive when you sign up to their N.dulge scheme as well – you  receive / can collect a free gift in store on / in the month of your birthday (just need to remember to enter your details – usually will receive an email to remind / advise you when to collect your gift), special offers throughout the year and money off once you obtain enough points from purchases, which can be redeemed online or in store.  If you use my link to sign up thank you in advance.

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Enjoy the rest of the week.

Thank you – take care.

Best Wishes Liz x

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Cult Beauty GWP – The Best of 2019 Goody Bag

Hi Everyone

A quick post to let you know that the Cult Beauty Best of 2019 Goody Bag worth over £325 is now available, FREE with purchases of £180 on Cult while stocks last – please see photos below of what is in the free goody bag and link here for full details as well.  However currently there are also plenty of other beauty offers online, across a number of different sites while stocks last, including a free goody bag on worth over £220 but with a £200 spend, so not as good a value but that also depends on what products you want to purchase as there a number of gift sets / free gifts available on Feelunique as well.  In addition the SpaceNK Gift with Purchase/ Goody Bag should be available from next Tuesday 5th November 2019 (will post contents etc. when available), so keep checking to see which suits you best.


I am very impressed with the contents of Cult Beauty  The Best of 2019 Goody Bag, great value especially if there are products you need, wanted to try, or have gifts you need to get hint hint (Jingle bells)– perfect time to get them if you can.   You could also split the contents of the Goody Bag into a number of separate gifts making sure you leave at least a few or several treats for yourself.



Also remember to claim your cashback on any Cult Beauty purchases – via my link here (thank you in advance if you use my link), if you are not already signed up for cashback or if would like to see more details on ‘cashback’ please see my much earlier post here.

Hope you found this useful – welcome any comments you may have.

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Hope you all have a lovely weekend.

Thank you – take care.

Best Wishes Liz x

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Zohara Range & The ‘New’ Port Collection

Hi Everyone

Hard to believe October already and almost the weekend again.

As you know one of my passions is fashion which includes all types of handbags and one local brand I love and discovered almost two years ago was the Zohara handbag and accessory range.

Zohara is a Northern Ireland company which launched in 2016 specialising in Handbags, Purses/Wallets, some jewellery pieces etc.    Their bags and purses/accessories I would say are at a mid price range at full price and the quality is superb, in my opinion equal to or higher than a number of high-end ‘designer’ bags – see my earlier post here for more details about the brand itself.

So imagine how delighted I was when I was v kindly invited by Zohara to preview the launch of their new Port Collection.  As an extra bonus they also give me a discount code to share with all to enable you to get 15% off the New Port Collection – only valid until 5th October 2019 (have shared it on my instagram but have had problems loading my blog posts) so if you were thinking of purchasing anyway, good time to do it if you can.


As I said I already love Zohara bags and although thought the preview photos of the Port Collection were amazing they could not do the bags / accessories justice enough – the whole range is stunning, I think if had to pick a collection this may be my favourite to date and that is high praise indeed as adore all the other collections as well.

There are 31 beautiful pieces in the NEW Port Collection with prices starting from £29 for a Mola Card Holder to £209 for a Arcadia Box Handbag – delivery is free to UK / Ireland for orders £60 or over and £4.20 charge for orders below £60.

I love all the pieces and the new range also contains best sellers like the Camden and Glenada in different colours, but if I had to pick just three would be the following:

The Tide – £159

This bag is available in tan and navy and is in pebbled leather which I prefer as although lovely and soft, is also so hard-wearing.   The addition of the beautiful goldtone leather entwined chain just sets it off and the twist lock closure on the front is the perfect finishing touch.  Think it is perfect as well that the removable tassel for this collection is in black, one of my favourite colours – you can wear this tassel on any bag to change the look or match an outfit.  This is such a versatile bag and the adjustable straps means it can be worn both as a shoulder bag or crossbody which is perfect for that day out,  going shopping.

Zohara also v kindly gifted us each a bag on the day and The Tide in Tan, pictured above, is the one I was v, v lucky and grateful to receive – I adore it and will treasure it always.

The Strand – £179 – comes in Tan or Pewter Grey

I love the size of this tote bag, again in pebbled leather and the addition of the removable pouch just adds that special finishing touch.  Perfect for college, travelling, shopping work in fact any occasion.










Now on my wish list.

The Camden – £189 (in Classic range in Black) but now in Navy and Winter Berry 


Love this bag as well as think it is the perfect everyday bag,  adore the goldtone chain detail and perfect to take from the office to a night out as big enough to carry all your essentials in.

This bag in the navy or the classic black is also on my wish list too.

As before I definitely recommend checking out the full Zohara range if you havent already as know you will be so impressed, maybe a bit more expensive than you are thinking of spending but I personally think worth every pound as quality is so good especially if you purchase when an offer is on like now, when you use my code PORTLK15 until 5th October 2019 you can still receive 15% off the new Port Collection at

I think these bags / accessories are a lovely treat for yourself, as gifts for anytime but especially will Christmas coming up, know anyone who loves bags / accessories would really appreciate these as gifts; and as they are from Ireland perfect gifts to send overseas or to take back with you from your holidays –  always will hold v special memories.

If ‘my’ discount code offer finished when you read this post, keep checking on  or call into any of the Bellamiaboutiqueuk stores if you can (staff so friendly and helpful, even if a bag is not for you call in if you can as so many beautiful brands / items) based in Ballymoney, Coleraine, Derry / Londonderry or online via link here  as they stock the Zohara range as well and both sites do have regular offers on as well.

I hope you enjoyed this post – love to know if you have you heard of the Zohara brand, or ever purchased anything from the range and if so have you been as impressed as me?

Thank you, take care – hope you have a good weekend and chat soon.

Best Wishes Liz x

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Magazine Freebies – ‘October’ 2019

Hi Everyone

A few magazine freebies this month ‘October’ editions – a little reminder as always for any new followers, that magazines always are dated a month in advance i.e. you get the October issues in September usually but sometimes they can come out a little earlier i.e. near the end of the previous month i.e August.

Red =  £4.75 –  There is a choice of 3 Nails Inc Nail Polishes worth £11 FREE with this month’s Red magazine – I have resisted so far as I already have so many nail polishes and had already received the magazine (as have a subscription) – however still a fab offer.

Marie Claire = £4.20  A FREE 50ml Sanctuary Spa Body Butter included this month, worth £2.50 so only really a good freebie if you had intended to buy the magazine.  I did get the magazine as wanted it anyway so body butter is a bonus / treat for me especially as it does feel & smell amazing, perfect size for travelling.

No free gift with subscription this month but usually regular offers on so just keep checking online for more Free Gift with subscription offers.

Harper’s Bazaar = £4.80  A FREE 20ml Lixirskin Universal Emulsion Moisturiser worth £11 with this month’s magazine.  Had never tried this moisturiser before but as I have been so impressed after only a few days using it, I have bought another magazine just to get it.  It is a multi task moisturiser which as well as using on the face can be used on the eye contour area, lips, neck, decolletage arms and hands – loving it already so will do a separate post on it once I use it for a longer period of time but at this stage definitely recommend trying.


Free Givenchy Volume Mascara worth £23.50 with subscription this month – £18 for 12 issues.  If this offer is finished when you check, usually regular offers on so just keep checking online for more Free Gift with subscription offers.


Hope this helps – any comments / queries please let me know.   As always if I see any more magazine freebies will update this post.

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Hope you have a good week and definitely intend to get back to regular posting from this / next week.

Thank you and take care.

Best Wishes Liz xx

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Jeans for Genes Day & 2019 Limited Edition T-Shirts

Hi Everyone

Just wanted to let you know that the 2019 Jeans for Genes Limited Edition fashion t-shirts are now available to purchase on  the website.    I am just after purchasing mine as I do each year.


What is Jeans for Genes?

Jeans for Genes Day is the annual fundraising campaign for Genetic Disorders UK, the national charity that supports individuals and families affected by a genetic disorders.

Who does Jeans for Genes help?

Monies raised on Jeans for Genes Day fund the work of the charity and provide grants to organisations for projects that aim to transform the lives of children with genetic disorders‘ – please see the Jeans for Genes Day UK site for more details.

2019 Limited Edition T-Shirts

This year Jeans for Genes have teamed up Warner Brothers UK and Kingston School of Art to bring you this year’s Bathgirl / Batman limited edition t-shirts designed by Chayanis Jumrus.

The T-shirts are £20 and come in women’s sizes UK 8 – 22,  men’s sizes S to XL – all sizes still available at time of posting and children’s are £9, sizes 1-14 years.




The quality of the t-shirts is usually excellent and I am sure this year will be no exception.

As I said last year I would definitely recommend visiting the Jeans for Genes Day website to learn more about this great cause, then by purchasing this t-shirt  or any of the other beautiful products on the site you can also be a part of Jeans for Genes through supporting this excellent cause.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post – much appreciated.  Look forward to any comments you may have – if you are not already a follower would love you to follow my blog too – would mean a lot.

Take care and enjoy the rest of the week and will be back soon.

Best Wishes Liz x

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Magazine Freebies – August 2019

Hi Everyone

Another month has just flown past so magazine freebie time again, ‘August’ editions – a little reminder as always, for any new followers, that majority of magazines are usually dated a month in advance i.e. you get the August issue in July but sometimes they can come out a little earlier i.e. near the end of the previous month i.e June.

Harper’s Bazaar =  £4.80 –  a free Sarah Chapman Skinesis 3D Moisture Infusion Hydrating Sheet Mask worth £15 with this month’s magazine – love Sarah Chapman skincare so delighted with this freebie.

No free gift with subscription offer this month but usually regular offers on so just keep checking online for more free gift with subscription offers.

Red =  £5.49 (a bit more expensive but still love this mag and this months free gift is FAB as well)  –  A Rodial Smokey Eye Pencil Duo both full size and worth £34 – a brown and black shade is included which is great.   Do love these eye pencils so another fab freebie this month for me.


Again no free gift with subscription offer this month but usually regular offers on so just keep checking online for more free gift with subscription offers.

Hope this helps – any comments / queries please let me know.   As always if I see any more magazine freebies will update this post.

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Take care and definitely will be back v soon with more regular posts / reviews.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

Best Wishes Liz xx

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