SPACEMASKS – Interstellar Relaxation Eye Mask

Hi Everyone

Although know not easy at the moment hope you all still managed to have a good Christmas, New Year.

Sorry been absent for so long, I still can’t believe been so long since my last post, time has just flown past even with the current difficult situation we find ourselves in – but lots of positive energy / thoughts for 2021 and beyond.

However starting from today going to try to get back into posting regularly, at least once a week and thought no better way to get back into to it than by telling you about an eyemask I fell in love with before and during ‘lockdown’, working from home the ‘Spacemasks‘ Interstellar Relaxation ‘self heating’ Eyemask.About/packaging

Spacemasks, is a self heating ‘cloth feel’ eye mask which comes packaged in a sealed  star detailed ‘foiled’ sachet and can by purchased individually from £3.50 each or in a pack of 5 for £15.  Love the star detail on the packaging/mask as well, I am a fan of stars on anything so that catches my ‘eye’ straight away, sorry for the ‘pun’ lol.

The original scent which I have used the most is the Jasmine scented one (above) which I love and is so relaxing but there are now two additional scents available; Chamomile and Rose  both available in packs of 5 and states £1 + VAT from purchase of each of these boxes goes to supporting the following charities as well which is lovely – rose version ‘The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity’ and chamomile scented one, the ‘Littlelifts’ charity.


Once you are sitting/lying comfortably, you just need to open package unfold mask, gently place the Spacemask over your eyes and just fit the loops around your ears – so easy, comfortable with no mess,  also no need to worry about it falling off either if you move as the loops hold it securely –  though once you put it on you won’t want to budge anyway.

As opening the sachets activates the mask, ‘within a couple of minutes you’ll feel your Spacemask heat up as the oxygen molecules in the atmosphere cuddle up to the mask’s iron particles in a natural heat exchange’, make sure you are ready to apply once opened as you dont want to waste a minute of its benefits as once you apply you can feel it starting to warm up, relieving any tiredness/eye strain.   States can enjoy for approx 15 minutes but I usually keep on longer although you can feel the warmth fading the longer you leave it on.


I find these masks have so many benefits which includes the following:

  • So easy to apply;
  • Feels so comfortable on;
  • Fragrance relaxing not over powering;
  • Relieves tiredness;
  • Soothes irritated eyes from lack of sleep, eye strain too much looking at screens, working in front of a laptop, computer etc;
  • Helps you to switch off to enable you to relax and dose off as well even for a short time;
  • No mess.

I have used these on numerous occasions, at home, especially now with working from home as spend too long in front of the laptop so my eyes get v tired and strained,  on short hotel stays (not for a while), and when travelling long distance (also been a while) and on each and every one of these occasions the spacemask has helped eased the tiredness, discomfort/irritation I have felt – it was the only thing that helped on my trip to Australia as I slept v little on the journey and due to this my eyes got so uncomfortable but the spacemask relieved the discomfort and then it felt like I had a few good hours sleep – which was bliss.

I have bought numerous boxes, single masks now and will continue to do so (and also kindly gifted some as well, see photo below) – though think may try the other fragrances next.

I highly recommend trying for yourself if you havent already, as they are just so good, would be great if you could get a reusable one…maybe in the future…  Box is great value and you could gift a few to family / friends as well – lovely relaxing treat especially now.

You can currently purchase spacemasks from a number of online stores including but as always keep checking as well to see if any offers on; sometimes they are included in beauty boxes, or within a gift with purchase(s) – one included within my Libertys London 2020 Beauty Advent Calendar which I was delighted to see.

If you are not a follower would love you to consider subscribing/ following my blog and my journey on instagram Beauty Fashion Chit Chat as well, would mean a lot.  More posts to follow soon.

Thank you, take care, stay safe and hope you have a great week.

Huge Virtual Hugs.

Best Wishes Liz x

First 3 photos: credit

Instagram:  Beauty Fashion Chit Chat

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