Review: Moi-Même ‘Spring’ 2018 Box & Subscription

Although I received my Spring 2018 ‘Nature’ Moi-Même box a while back, my third box, I wanted to let you see what was in it as it will be time for the Summer 2018 box v soon. The  Moi-Même box is a UK ‘seasonal’ box (4 boxes per year) which costs £45 approx per box  (annual subscription) or £49.95 (quarterly subscription), however this is increasing to £50 (approx) and £54.95 respectively from 1st July 2018. Box contains a variety of items (could be clothing, accessories, stationery, skincare, jewellery, homeware, makeup etc. – subscribers may get different colours / designs in different items). Delivery is free for our UK subscribers and costs £14.95 per box for the rest of the world. (full details on subscription(s) / shipping and proposed increase in price can be found at moi-mê

As I am not subscribed currently to as many beauty boxes (taken a break from a lot as so many beauty products to use up).  I really enjoy receiving the Moi-Même box as it is much more than a beauty box, contains a range of different items.  

Products come wrapped in tissue paper in a white large magnetic closure box with a personalised sticker on the inner lid.  There are at least five full size items and usually an information booklet included as well but none in my Spring box.


Included within the Spring box were the following items (photos below):

The Chilly’s Bottle 500ml (RRP £25) I received the Wild Floral Edition design which I love and it came in a matching protective hard cardboard outer case which is perfect. I was delighted to see this included as well as looking gorgeous such a useful product.  The Chilly’s Bottle is a revolutionary reusable bottle that can keep water ice-cold for 24 hours. States keeps hot as well for 12 hours (not tried this yet), is leak proof, not affected by outside temperatures.  I take this with me on a daily basis and it does keep water really cold I also use it for diluted still drinks as well and is perfect.  Although I haven’t as yet, I intend to buy a few more bottles as gifts as well, available in so many different colours, designs – love it so much;


M.S.H Scarf (RRP £12) – I received the off white shade with rose gold detail.  Another lovely product, light weight perfect in any weather.   Another product I was delighted to see included this month.

Blonde and Stone Marble Coaster Stand =  (Set of 4 RRP £25) – definitely a quality small stand, love the design and also perfect to using when taking photos of small items as well.  May not be as an exciting addition as other items but still happy to see included as will use.

Siskyn Skincare Oils Organic Rose & Neroli Day Facial Oil (30ml) RRP £42 States is suitable for all skin types but specifically more mature drier skin and gentle enough for the delicate eye area too.  Even though has a rose fragrance, the aroma is not too strong thankfully, so think I will use but havent used yet as already trying a few different oils – however when I try properly, if I think results impressive will post a separate review. 


I am Balanced Smokey Quartz Crystal Mist (100ml) RRP £24.50 – This is another reason why I enjoy receiving the box as usually receive number of items you may not have heard of tried before and this is another one of them.  States: Uplifting orange blossom and balancing geranium combine with the healing powers of aloe vera to balance and restore skin’s natural oil balance. Charged with smokey quartz, the ultimate bad vibe cleansing stone, this crystal mist is the perfect energetic pick-me-up for when the clouds just won’t lift or your skin feels a little bleak.  Sounds good doesn’t it?   It has a light ‘spa’ type fragrance and a quite light mist.  I have used as a pre cleanse, primer, to set makeup and throughout the day as a refreshing mist and it does seem to help as refreshing toning mist, just not sure how good it is yet as a primer or to set makeup as not tried for a long enough period yet but do enjoy using it throughout the day, only issue  is it is quite heavy to carry with you in your bag.  Although will keep using not sure I would purchase as not noticed any additional benefits yet, don’t think as good as my normal refreshing mists which are more reasonably prices and handier for your bag as well.

We also received a Packet of Wildflower Seeds as well which was a nice touch.

3 thoughts on “Review: Moi-Même ‘Spring’ 2018 Box & Subscription

    • kellyklk says:

      Thank you Susie – I do really like it as well as such a great mix of items.

      Hope all well with you and you are enjoying the lovely weather.

      Take care and chat soon
      Love Liz X


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