Review: Skinician Advanced Firming Serum

Hi Everyone

I have told you a bit about the lovely Irish skincare Skinician brand before on my earlier post here; and also let you know about two products I already love and repurchased from their range, the Advanced Time Delay Day Cream and Restoring Night Cream.

So when they v kindly *gifted me their NEW Advanced Firming Serum (above) to try I was delighted especially when they also included a beautiful jade roller with it (sold separately). The Roller is beautiful, so cooling on the skin, feels like a slight workout for the face, neck; benefits include increasing circulation, helping with fine lines/wrinkles etc, I do think helps products to work slightly better, only problem is remembering to use it on a regular basis as with all exercise.

As I have said before I do like Skinician’s sleek but practical packaging – only difference with this product is that they have used a sticker this time for their logo, details etc – I prefer when details are embossed on packaging but then this is a minor thing as long as results are good

1.  Advanced Firming Serum (50ml – £51.95 or 65 Euro) – dermatologically tested.

Described as formulated to help firm skin, reduce the appearance of fine lines and help fight against sagging – sounds good doesn’t it?


  • Instantly tightens, lifts and firms
  • Noticeably reduces fine lines and wrinkles – clinical studies have shown an immediate effect on crow’s feet;
  • Instant, long-term results;
  • Potent Antioxidant;
  • Intensely hydrates and smoothes.
  • Apply twice daily after cleansing before your moisturiser on the face and neck area, avoiding the eyes.  Leave to absorb for 2 minutes before applying moisturiser.
Directions and Results
  • Great to see this serum is in a squeezable tube as well.  It has a v light spa like fragrance with a creamy liquid consistency, not runny and not oily either.  I applied / apply as directed and it smoothes onto the skin without any greasy residue, initially skin does feel a little sticky but within the recommended two minutes this disappears and skin then feels smooth and looks refreshed with a slight glow, skin also feels hydrated, though would not say  intensely hydrating.  Initially when you apply the serum it feels cooling on the skin and I do feel a v slight tightening/firming effect as it absorbs, however this is not as noticeable now I have been using for a longer period so maybe this shows it is working.
  • You do not need to massage this into the skin as much as some other serums/oils as if you do work at it too much it will start to feel slightly tacky.  I use it all over my face (avoiding the eye area but do put up to top of cheeks where fine lines show as well), neck and decolletege and then follow daily with my Skinician day and night creams and have been impressed with results.  Initially I thought it was quite good but with prolonged use have become more impressed with results.  My skin definitely feels smoother, as long as I get enough sleep, skin also looks brighter, helps give it a slight glow.  I definitely feels it is firming, toning the skin and fine lines do appear less noticeable, though again if I have also been drinking enough water – I am really bad at doing this, trying to improve.


  • Although I do like the results on my face I think I am even more impressed with results on my neck / decolletege, no product is ever going to put the fine lines on the neck away as you get older but this definitely feels and looks that is making them less noticeable. I feel it works as well if not slightly better than one of my all time favorite products, the Elemis Pro-collagen Lifting Treatment Neck and Bust cream (50ml) RRP £65 (more difficult to get now Elemis have now a neck balm which I personally do not like as well), have been using this one for ages and although prefer the feeling of the Elemis one, the Skinician one is more reasonably priced, lasts longer and as I said think results are as good or may be even that slight bit better.
  • Although more reasonably priced than the Elemis neck and bust cream I understand it is still quite expensive but with the results I have got / seen  and as it does last well, I definitely will be purchasing and recommend trying for yourself if you can especially for anyone who feels they need a little help wants to give their skin a boost.   I think would be great for all skin types as doesnt dry the skin either.  I do use my Skinician moisturiser over the top  and have now also added my ‘hero’ Antipodes Face Divine oil back into my routine as well which gives that additional boost.
  • You can check out, see more from the  Skinician range, including some new and improved products (day moisturisers contain SPF 30 now which is even better) via the link here.

Look forward to any comments you may have.   Have you tried any products from this range before?

If you are not already a follower would love you to follow my blog too – would mean a lot.  Will have more posts up during / end of the week.

Thank you for reading – enjoy the rest of the weekend.

Best Wishes Liz x

*Gifted for review consideration

2 thoughts on “Review: Skinician Advanced Firming Serum

  1. Susan says:

    Hi Liz,

    I certainly would love to improve my neck which is difficult to treat.

    The serum sounds fantastic and I would definitely try it on your recommendation.

    Hope you had a lovely weekend and we will chat soon, with love from Susie xx

    Liked by 1 person

    • kellyklk says:

      Hi Susie

      Thank you – it is, I definitely think this product helps with those concerns.

      It is one area I always keep telling my friends, family, everyone not to forget about.

      Take care and chat soon.

      Love Liz xx


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