Pink Parcel – May 2017 Review

Hi Everyone

I kindly received the *May 2017 monthly parcel from Pink Parcel last week to try.


Pink Parcel is a monthly subscription service for your ‘period’.  Your first box costs £6.99, after that it is £10.50 a month and all charges include delivery.  You can also cancel or suspend your account at any time.   Parcels are dispatched on 3 separate delivery dates throughout the month in order to reach you on 10th, 20th and 28th of each month, you just have to choose the date that’s closest to your period.  When you subscribe you will be sent your choice of feminine hygiene products (either pads or tampons), plus  beauty and lifestyle treats to brighten up those days of the month.


Although I  have not got a chance yet to try all the beauty and lifestyle ‘treat’s’ properly, wanted to let you know my first impressions.


Everything comes in a dark grey exterior box with ‘Pink Parcel’ embossed on it in pink writing and inside you get individual boxes ‘for later’, ‘for night’, a pouch ‘for now’ (perfect for your bag) which contain all your pads or tampons for that month, you also get a ‘for you’ box which contains beauty treats to cheer you up and a few extra treats are also included within the box.


Scrub Love Coconut Affair – 50g – Full Size £13.95 for 200ml – love body scrubs though have so many already to use up – but still looking forward to using this one as love coconut fragrances and this is the perfect size to take with you on holidays;


Flawless Blusher Brush – Full Size £9.99   states flawless brushes are eco-friendly, vegan and totally cruelty-free, has soft bristles and does apply blusher well;

Trust Fund Beauty Nail Polish (17ml) Full Size  £12 – never heard of this brand before but always happy to see a nail polish included in boxes especially if new to me – also states they’re vegan, cruelty-free.   I received the ‘Kiss Kiss Darling’ shade (red) shade but you could receive this shade or the ‘London Snog’ (grey), ‘OMG! Dying’ (not sure about this name though!) (nude) shades.   Also has a good brush and applied v easily.

4 thoughts on “Pink Parcel – May 2017 Review

    • kellyklk says:

      Thank you – yes great idea – hope you get similar in US soon – after checking your blog out and followed as well – look forward to reading your posts and hope you enjoy mine as well – thanks again for commenting – v much appreciated – take care best wishes Liz x💕

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