Caudalie ‘Divine’ Candle


I love fragrant candles but my favourite is the Caudalie Divine Candle 150g – £24 which actually does smell ‘Divine’ and is from the Caudalie Divine range.  The Divine Oil candle which states contains pink peppercorn, rose, cedar, vanilla and musks is described as helping to relieve stress and relax the mind.

The brown glass container is so chic and love that it comes with a lid, which is perfect for standing the candle on too when lit.  I also use the empty containers to hold makeup brushes, eyeliner and lipliner pencils as well as holding hair grips and hair bands with the lid on – see photo below.   Once you take the lid off you find a subtle smell of the  ‘Divine’ relaxing fragrance and then  within few minutes of the candle being lit  you begin to smell a stronger warm, woody slightly musky fragrance, not overpowering but incredibly relaxing – perfect way to ‘chill’ and relax whether you are watching TV, catching up on your emails / your blog posts or with a good book.    I find by using the candle correctly , not burning for too short or long a period and trimming wick etc.,  has 20-30 hours burning time and burns v evenly.


I find that it also does not leave any black smoke residue either on walls surroundings as although I love Yankee candles and do what is advised I personally find they leave a slight black layer on walls or tiles so I only intend to burn Yankee candles occasionally now and only where I can wash easily.  When I light a candle I do not want to have to think, just want to relax and enjoy the fragrance.

The only one negative is the price – £24 for one candle, but because I  love it so much I try to wait for offers (as always) and when good offers on, I try to purchase a few at a time.  A few months ago Caudalie  had two offers on, where candles were half price and another offer where you got a free candle when you purchased over a certain amount, which was brilliant – these particular offers not on at the moment but always check search online for best offer before you purchase as some retailers may have different offers available for example 10-20% discount, free postage, free samples, or free gifts with a specific spend etc.  The Caudalie Candle available to purchase in a number of online stores with current offers at Caudalie – free weekend bag with a £40 or over purchase(s) with code SUMMER and three free samples, LookFantastic – free shipping worldwide and always different offers on , Beauty Expert – 15% discount with code SUNSHINE, free shipping worldwide and always regular offers on.

Love to know if you have ever tried the Caudalie Candle and what you think of it – do you love it as much as me?- love to see your comments.

Thank you for looking – any queries please let me know.

Best Wishes Liz x

2 thoughts on “Caudalie ‘Divine’ Candle

  1. Jolene says:

    Love this candle got mine from a special person tonight as a gift can’t wait to relax and light it and read a good book!!
    Ps loving your blog! Can’t wait to see the next review

    Liked by 1 person

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