Fleur de Force-New Book ‘The Luxe Life’


When I seen Fleur de Force had a new book out called the ‘The Luxe Life’ I just had to get it as love looking at her blog and watching her YouTube and vlog videos.  I  pre-ordered a signed copy from WHSmith which arrived today.


Could not wait to open and I was not disappointed love, love the hardback cover, the illustrations and colour combination is perfect with the rose gold spine and mix of rose gold and black lettering – two of my favourite colours.  Beautiful illustrations / photographs throughout and includes detail on beauty, fashion, lifestyle and food.    I have not got a chance yet to read it all but v impressed already as content is laid out so well, so clear and easy to read and follow, cannot wait to sit down over the weekend and finish reading it.  So as not to spoil it for anyone I have only included photos of the front and back cover and not going into too much detail on the content  but can confirm includes useful / interesting detail advice on beauty, fashion, lifestyle as well as some beautiful recipes.

I would definitely recommend getting this as a treat for yourself or gift for someone especially if they love tips / recommendations on beauty fashion or simple tasty recipes or even if they just love beautiful books as I think this is the perfect book to take pride of place on your dressing table, cabinet or dress room.  You can purchase this book for £9.49 at a number of stores including WHSmith, and Amazon and I think Selfridges currently have it available in store.

I hope you found this helpful – any queries or questions please let me know.  Would love to know your thoughts if you have already received this book.

Thank you for looking.

Best Wishes Liz x


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