Body Shop Drops of Youth Serum


One of the freebies I got recently was The Body Shop Drops of Youth Concentrate serum,  7ml sample,  (available to purchase in two sizes 30ml at £25 and 50ml at £32)– applied for it through a freebie notification which is still available through this link , you just need to apply for it and then you show your confirmation email / voucher on your phone in-store to get the sample while stocks last.  However if this offer is finished when you read this post ask in-store if they have any samples available.   (Remember if you sign up through online freebie sites e.g. LatestFreeStuff, Magic Freebies, Free Samples UK– other freebie sites available too just search online – you will get early / daily notifications of what freebies are available and the earliest you claim the more chance you have of getting freebies before they are gone)

The 7ml sample comes in a hard plastic green bottle with a black dropper applicator.   It is described as an innovative concentrate which helps to enhance surface skin condition, leaving it looking smoother, fresher and healthier.  It helps to condition, smooth, moisturise and 99% of ingredients are of natural origins.  You are advised to gently massage two to three drops into skin, and allow to sink in before applying your usual moisturiser or serum.   I applied as advised, I found two drops was enough and was happy that the serum was not sticky or greasy and sank / sinks into skin v quickly, so no need to wait v long before you apply your moisturiser.   Makeup applied well over it, did not cause any breakouts and I had no issues throughout the day.   I found the dropper applicator very easy to use and although the serum, which has a  watery gel consistency, has a fragrance it is not overpowering and the smell does not linger on your skin.

Although I enjoyed getting the chance to try this product and was happy with the size of the sample I received, I did not find any noticeable changes to my skin and did not feel my skin looked or felt any more smoother, hydrated or healthier.  Therefore at this stage will not be rushing out to purchase this serum as I personally did not achieve any better results with it than with my normal skincare, although would still recommend trying to get a sample to see how it works for you.

Thank you for looking – if you have any comments / queries please let me know.  Would love to know if you have received this sample or when you receive it and get a chance to try it – what your thoughts are?

Best Wishes Liz x

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