Review: Feelunique Pick ‘N’ Mix July 2018

Hi Everyone

I received my latest Feelunique’s Pick ‘N’ Mix  selection last week.  It has been a while since I got a  Feelunique’s Pick ‘N’ Mix  selection as although love the service and think it is great value, perfect way to try different brands / products, as I have a lot of products to use up, did not see any items that really excited me until this month.

As advised previously you can choose five ‘free’ samples from a selection of samples available while stocks last (one selection of samples per month) – you are charged £3.95 for shipping and handling fees although you can redeem this against any future order  (excluding Pick ‘n’ Mix) via a £3.95 gift voucher you receive in your follow-up email.

As I have said a number of times before  one of the reasons I love this ‘service’ so much is you are not ‘tied’ into a subscription i.e. you do not need to make a selection each month, only when you see items you like, want to try.

This month I was delighted to see / get the following five samples:

Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer (1.4ml ) (full size is 6ml RRP £24)– I was so surprised and over the moon to see the size of the sample – it is a deluxe sample size.  Although only one shade available Custard Medium 1 when I seen it, understand it was also available in the Vanilla shade as well.  It does feel lovely and creamy and blends well, a bit dark for underneath my eyes but is workable, though does cover slight blemishes well, does not completely cover them but definitely makes them less noticeable.  I may consider purchasing the full size but not sure at this stage if really any better than my ‘Note’ or ‘Sephora’ creamy concealers which are more reasonably priced.  However delighted to get the opportunity to try and will check out the lighter shade in store as well.  All gone but may still come back into selection;


YSL Waterproof Black Eye Pencil (0.8g) (full size 1.2g RRP £24 currently reduced to £17.85 states holographic black so may be slightly different)– another v generous deluxe sample.  If you have been following me for a while you will know I love eyeliners so when I seen this in the selection was so happy.   It is so creamy, so easy to apply, no dragging,  is a true dark black and does last really well too.  You can smudge it at the beginning but you need to be quick as dries v quickly.  This is my favourite item out of the selection and although this will last me ages definitely am considering purchasing the full size as so impressed and may also get the blue in it as well as love the shade;


One quick swatch

Ren Skincare & Now to Sleep Pillow Spray (10ml) (full size is 75ml RRP £18 currently reduced to £12.60)- Never tried this before and as I am not a great sleeper at times love trying products like this to see if they help.  I have tried it once and although smells nice not sure if it really worked, need to try for a longer period of time to confirm, though happy I was able to get the opportunity to try.  Still available in the Pick ‘N’ Mix selection at time of posting.


Elizabeth Arden City Smart Hydrating Shield SPF 50 (5ml tube) (full size is 40ml RRP £55 currently reduced to £46.75)- I already like this product and if you have never used it before it is like a creamy gel consistency with a slight tint, you use it as the last step in your skincare routine.  I often use as tinted moisturiser with a little bit of concealer over the top if not going out.  Feels lovely on the skin as well – would definitely recommend trying if you havent already.  Perfect size for travelling, weekend away;


Living Proof Style Lab Instant Texture Mist (15ml spray) (full size 50ml RRP £14) –  this is another good sample size.  Already love Living Proof products and this smells as good as the rest I have tried.  I have used few times on both dry and wet hair and does seem to help give that beach/ tousled look, does leave you hair smelling amazing as well.   Initial impressions good and may consider purchasing in the future but have a number of similar hair products to use up so may be a while.  Still available in Pick ‘N’ Mix selection at time of posting.


So, so pleased with my selection this month, a good variety of brands, generous sample sizes, perfect way to discover new products – think my favourite selection to date although have always been happy with my selections.  I will definitely continue to use the Pick ‘N’ Mix as and when I see samples I want to try or already love. Remember the more generous sample sizes / make up samples  go quickly but as long as you regularly look through the sample choice you should always see something you want to try.  

As always I highly recommend trying this ‘service’ for yourself as a great way to try products for ‘free’ prior to purchasing especially if you make a future purchase through Feelunique to enable you to redeem your £3.95 gift voucher (the charge for shipping & handling fees) (if new to Feelunique you can use my code here to get 20% off your first order with a £5 minimum spend). 

Look forward to any comments you may have – would love to hear if you have used the Pick ‘N’ Mix service already, what you thought of it?

If not already a follower would love you to follow my blog too – would mean a lot.  Will have more posts up v soon.

Thank you – take care and enjoy the remainder of the weekend.

Best Wishes Liz x

5 thoughts on “Review: Feelunique Pick ‘N’ Mix July 2018

    • kellyklk says:

      Thank you Susie – do love the selection I managed to get this month.

      Hope you managed to get a good selection too.

      Take care & chat soon.

      Love Liz X


    • kellyklk says:

      Thank you – yes, loved this month’s selection.

      Same here – love you can just dip in and out as and when you see products you would like to try / already like/love.

      Hope you have a lovely weekend- take care & chat soon.

      Liz X

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