Review: My Little ‘Sunday’ Box – Nov 2017 – Last UK Box

Hi Everyone

Hope you all had a good weekend.

I was v happy as received my November 2017 My Little Box late last Saturday.   This month’s box theme is ‘Sunday’As always the box, cards, print, packaging coordinated perfectly in line with the theme and a beautiful quote is inside the box again this month, see below.

The box cost £14.95 (inclusive of p&p)  – however we got some disappointing news this month – After three years of dreaming up My Little Boxes for the UK they have decided to take a break and this month’s box is the last My Little Box to the UK.  Although had thought this might be in the pipeline a few months back, as something seemed to be missing,  still disappointed as love receiving this box, was one of my favourite boxes.  However they have advised they have been working on a new box – ‘Gambettes Box’, and they are to let us know more about it v soon (details on site already) – to see more details please see note below.


This month’s box is cute and contained the following items:

 A ‘My Little Box’  Microfiber White Turban–  v pleased to see this included as turbans keeps my wet hair more secure while I am doing my makeup.  Feels high quality and so soft as well;


My Little Box Eat Your Words Biscuit Stampstates ‘stamp a choice word onto your favourite baked good with this biscuit stamp, and watch it disappear, snapchat-style’.  Love the co-ordinated packaging as always and nice touch to include a recipe for ‘Sandy Butter Biscuits’ inside the lid – biscuit stamp something different to get in a box and that is one of the reasons I loved getting this box so much;



In the My Little Box navy blue and cream patterned drawstring pouch we got the following three items:



My Little Beauty Facemask Powder (20g)  states sprinkle one half-capful powder into surface of three capfuls of water and allow to combine and then apply to face wait 8 minutes and remove – have tried once and did mix ok and no adverse reaction and did leave my skin looking fresher but not a big fan of these mixing powders as more of a task then applying a mask from a tube or jar but will still finish it;



Dr Hauschka Lip Gloss (3ml) Sample Size  – I have used a number of Dr Hauschka products before but mostly skincare and although nice enough products I have not found any I really love yet.  This gloss is a light pink colour with a non stick consistency which is great – however there is a menthol type fragrance / taste which some people might find off-putting – I do not mind that much.  It is a v sheer colour but does leave your lips with a nice sheen.  Will pop this is my bag as it is also nice applied over lipstick to give that added sheen;


Mixa Cica Repair Balm for Face Body & Hands and suitable for Adults & Children (50ml) Full Size RRP £5.99 (currently reduced to £3.95 in Superdrug)states contains no parabens, no fragrance & hypoallergenic.  Panthenol, intensely cares & soothes for fragile skin.  It has a thick creamy consistency and does apply ok but takes a while to sink in – think this would be good for any dry, rough skin, therefore useful to have a multi-task product like this;


We also received a small 13g bar of chocolate which was a nice touch and tasted so good.


Quite happy with this box, not as good as last months but then I always expect a lot from this box.  So disappointed this will be the last box for us in the UK as really enjoyed receiving it.


Any queries / comments please let me know – are you as disappointed as me that this is the last UK box?

I will have more posts up later today or tomorrow and during the week.

Hope you all have a great week.

Thank you & take care.

Best Wishes Liz x

2 thoughts on “Review: My Little ‘Sunday’ Box – Nov 2017 – Last UK Box

  1. Susie says:

    I liked the look of this box and although I never got around to subscribing I am sad that it won’t be available in the future. The Gambette box looks great and I just wish I had ultra skinny legs so that I could wear the tights but I look better in jeggings or skinny jeans lol

    Liked by 1 person

    • kellyklk says:

      Thanks Susie. I agree, I loved receiving it as had a variety of items. Know you would look good in either. I love the winter months as prefer wearing darker tights. Take care & chat soon. Liz xx


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