Origins have recently launched a new RitualiTea face and body mask range.  Although I have not yet got round to trying the body mask range yet I have been lucky enough to try two of the three face masks already, so wanted to let you know my initial thoughts.

There are three different types of Rituali Tea face masks, they come in a tin, cost £30 each for 45g and have a powder formula  which when mixed with water should become a creamy consistency (the body masks cost £25 each and come in tubes).

Currently you can try a sample / samples of these masks by asking the sales assistant at any Origins Counter about the masks and after a skincare consultation you should receive at least one sample sachet free to try while stocks last (you may also receive a sample of tea) – I have inserted link to the  OriginsUK Facebook page here for reference – recent post dated 29.09.16 – copy of post below:

There are three Rituali Tea face masks as follows:

Ritualiteas Matcha Madness (Silver & Green Tin) – described as a revitalising powder face mask – initial smell reminds you of a spa which is very pleasant / relaxing – you need to mix the powder with water – depending on how thick a paste you want you can add a little more water if you prefer a smoother consistency and once you mix the powder / water together it starts to foam slightly and the fragrance changes to an earthy smell not as enticing, although not unpleasant just not what you are expecting or want with a mask – you can purchase the accessories for the masks as well if you want – a measuring spoon and mixing / tool duo £15 and a dark grey hard plastic bowl to mix the mask in £15 (think this is v pricey for what it is and unless you like coordinating items I personally do not feel you need it), I personally will not be purchasing either in the future as have plenty of bowls and measuring / mixing tools.  The mask is a bit messy to apply and remove, contains slight ‘bits’ once mixed with water and does dry slightly on the skin although I did notice a slight difference to my skin after one use, my skin looked more  refreshed with a slight glow and felt smooth to the touch – definitely will think about purchasing this in the future but not at the moment as have so many masks to use up and the price, fragrance and application not as appealing as other masks I currently use although still a good mask;

Ritualitea Oolongla (Silver & Brown Tin) – described as a purifying powder face mask with oolong black tea & chai spice – I have not got round to trying this one yet but initial smell reminds me of a slight autumnal / winter fragrance;

Ritualitea Feeling Rosy (Silver & Red Tin)- described as a comforting powder face mask – has an initial slight rose fragrance but when mixed with water the smell is more natural/earthy and to me smells slightly like breakfast cereal, maybe only me, although still has a v, v, slight rose undertone too.  I applied as before and I loved the feeling of my skin afterwards, it felt smooth, soft to the touch, my skin appeared clearer and refreshed so again will definitely think about purchasing in the future.

I definitely enjoyed trying these masks and was happy with results – however only things that put me off slightly is the preparation / fragrance and price as the results are not any better than my current masks which  majority of, are cheaper, smell better and are easier to apply and remove.  However I would still definitely recommend trying if you have not already  especially as currently you should be able to get a free sample / samples to try while stocks last – always remember if purchasing full size items to shop around online and in-store to get best value at that time, including discount codes, free gifts etc.

I hope you found this useful – remember sample(s) availability will be while stocks last, so the quicker you can get into a participating store the more chance samples will still be available.

Thank you for looking  and look forward to any comments you may have – if you are not already a follower would love you to follow my blog too – would mean a lot.

Enjoy the remainder of the weekend.

Best Wishes Liz x

*CREDIT – OriginsUK – Photo insert at top of post and face book insert.

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