Current Favourite Designer Sunglasses

I believe another essential item and fashion accessory, especially this time of year is sunglasses, they add that something extra to an outfit, especially on holidays and also when we get the chance to wear at home, weather permitting!  There are so many styles, colours and brands to choose, the choice is endless.  I own a number of pairs of sunglasses and always on lookout for more but thought I would do a quick post to show you my current favourite pairs – all slightly different styles.  I bought all of the four pairs below for less than £50 each at various discount / outlet stores, some a few years ago.

CHLOE Burgundy with Silver Tone Trim

Love the larger frame which are very comfortable to wear – Chloe is embossed in silver on the burgundy trim on the side, they also have burgundy trim around the glass at the edge.  Love the case that Chloe sunglasses come in too although bulky – v stylist as well.

MIU MIU Rose Gold and Dark Brown Tortoise Patterned Frame with Diamante Detail

Such a comfortable pair of glasses too – v good fit  – the gold tone and tortoise pattern works so well together  and the slight diamante detail at the side  is the perfecting finishing touch.  The case is not just as stylist but fits glasses perfectly and is secure.

MIU MIU Silvertone with Openwork Detail

Another pair of MIU MIU glasses – bought these as they were so different.  Also a perfect fit and the silver tone openwork detail makes them stand out as so unusual – bought these a few years ago and have never seen anything like them since.    Love wearing these especially when I am wearing silver jewellery.

And last but not least the pair I currently wear the most:

Fendi Black Frame with FF detail on sides

These are my absolute favourite at the moment – they are perfect for any occasion, any outfit, fit perfectly, no sunlight can get in at the sides, the FF detail at the sides is stylist but not too over the top either, just absolutely love this pair.

I hope you enjoyed my short post and remember although designer sunglasses can be expensive if you shop around online and in stores especially discounts stores you can get them at greatly reduced prices so as always definitely worth shopping around before you purchase.

Love to hear what your favourite pair / pairs of sunglasses are and if you have got any  bargains?

Thank you for looking  and look forward to any comments you may have – if you are not already a follower would love you to follow my blog too – would mean a lot.

Best Wishes Liz x

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