MAC False Lashes Extreme Mascara


As I have now got the chance to try the MAC False Lashes Extreme Mascara properly I wanted to let you know my thoughts  and also how it compared to the Chanel sample I had received / reviewed here .  As advised before on my recent review of the Chanel mascara, there were MAC and Chanel mascara samples available to claim free online through Facebook/ notifications which  was the perfect opportunity to try a mascara for free to see if you liked it without having to buy the full size.

Just to remind you too, although MAC samples are now all gone online, still ask at MAC counters to see if they have any samples left that you could try – also currently if you still purchase any MAC items online you have option to choose a  free sample which includes mascara samples – also ask in store too as they may have samples available there as well with purchase(s).

The full size retails for £19, unless on offer (not as expensive as the Chanel Mascara which retails at £25 unless on offer too).   I would definitely recommend purchasing, although do try to get a sample first to see if you like it as much as me.  I intend to purchase the full size in either Debenhams with my  beauty club card points or MAC once I use the other free mascara samples I have gratefully received through online freebie notifications.

 Although I love both the MAC and Chanel mascaras and I personally found both delivered equally on results / quality and staying power,   if I had to choose between the two (with the exception of the packagingalthough nothing wrong with the full size MAC packaging however when you compare it to the Chanel packaging – the Chanel packaging is definitely ahead, which you would expect)) it would have to be the MAC mascara because of the price difference.

Thank you for looking – if you have any comments / queries please let me know.  Would love to know if you received this sample or have already tried this mascara and what you think of it – do you like it as much as I do?

Best Wishes Liz x

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