Absolute New York Eyeshadow Primer


Although I love all makeup / beauty products I absolutely adore eye shadows and to ensure they look their absolute best you need the perfect eye primer.   I have tried many eye primers  in the past and found a number of them do not live up to their claims,  does not matter what brand of eyeshadow I used on top, my eyeshadow always creased.  Until approximately 18 months ago I had found that the eye shadow primers that performed the best for me were the Too Faced primers.  Then  I discovered the Absolute New York Eyeshadow Primer (Eyelid Primer Base), I was sceptical when I first saw it as had never heard of the brand (US brand) and because it was reasonably priced at £4.99 did not expect too much.  Oh my gosh was I surprised with the results.

The primer is described as an oil-free, ultra-creamy formula which evens skin tone around the eye area and keeps eyeshadow crease-free and colour-true for a lasting look.  It advises to apply a thin layer over eyelids and gently blend with fingers to create an even base which I did and I found the best way is to leave it to dry for a few minutes and make sure it is a smooth (a light tap with your fingertips if needed)  before applying your eyeshadow.    I was over the moon and still am with the results, my eyeshadow stayed / stays ALL DAY,  without the need to reapply and with no creasing at all.  I absolutely love this product as well as the price and would definitely recommend trying – only one big negative at the moment is that currently no retailers seem to stock it in the UK and currently Amazon only have it available to the UK at over £28!   –  I think I may have got the last two at £4.99.

However I have searched online and it appears that currently the best value available / that post to the UK are HB Beauty Bar (based in US) – on their site, the primer is $5.95 (currently if you use the code SIZZLING at checkout you get 15% discount and they do post to UK, cheapest postage is standard postage which costs $12.83 – takes between 7-21 days to arrive) – better value to buy two or more if you can.  Also remember to check on Amazon / online if you intend to purchase in case it is in stock again at £4.99/5.99.  Hope this helps.

Thank you for looking – any queries / comments please let me know.  Also would love to know if you have tried this eyelid primer and what you think of it – do you find it as good as me?

Best Wishes Liz x

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