Chanel Dimensions De Chanel Mascara – 10 Noir


I wear mascara most days, one of my essential makeup items, and love it when I get the opportunity to try a mascara for free, it is the perfect way to see if you like it without having to buy the full size.   Recently there were Chanel and MAC mascara samples available to claim free online through Facebook/ notifications  – although they  are now all gone online you could still ask at the Chanel and MAC counters to see if they have any samples left that you could try – also if you currently  purchase any MAC items online you have option to choose a  free sample which includes mascara samples – also ask in store too they may have samples available there as well with purchase.   (Remember if you sign up through online freebie sites e.g. LatestFreeStuff, Magic Freebies – other freebie sites available too just search online – you will get early / daily notifications of what freebies are available and the earliest you claim the more chance you have of getting freebies before they are gone – I also intend to do a weekly freebie post starting from this Sunday 17th July, freebies I have claimed for and received during that week)

I received the Chanel Dimensions 1ml mascara sample in 10 Noir / black – it arrived in beautiful outer packaging as you can see from photos above  – very impressed but then would expect nothing less from Chanel.   I found the brush the perfect size to apply the mascara, even on my lower lashes, a strong black colour and even with one coat you could notice the difference straight away, left my lashes long and luscious, dried quickly with no flakiness / fall out / smudginess throughout the day and also did not irritate my eyes.  Even after a long day at work although my eyes look tired my lashes look as good when I first applied the mascara in the morning.

The full size retails for £25 (expensive compared to some other brands) currently £22.50 in Debenhams, I would definitely recommend it, although try to get a sample first to see if you like it as much as me.  I intend to purchase the full size in either Boots or Debenhams with my advantage card / beauty club card points once I get a chance to try / use the other free mascara samples  I have been lucky enough to have received from other brands, including the one from MAC mentioned above (will do a short post on it too once I get a chance to try it properly).

Thank you for looking – if you have any comments / queries please let me know.  Would love to know if you received this sample or have already tried this mascara and what you think of it – do you like it as much as I do?

Best Wishes Liz x

2 thoughts on “Chanel Dimensions De Chanel Mascara – 10 Noir

  1. Jennie says:

    I got the sample of volume de Chanel mascar and loved it so bought the sample size. It is as unlike the sample as anything I’ve ever tried! It’s an extremely average mascara and I definitely won’t be repurchasing. It also has half the quantity of product of most other mascaras so in actual fact is twice the price it seems.

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    • kellyklk says:

      Hi Jennie Thank you for letting me know that – still not used all my samples up so never got round to purchasing yet – did you go back or email Chanel to see what they would say ? as full size should be exactly the same as the sample that is why it is always good to try before we purchase – will definitely try their full size in store if they have the disposable brushes to see if this was a one off- thanks again for letting me know – take care X


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