Magazine Freebies – ‘April 2019’

Hi Everyone

Sorry it has been so long since my last post (a month) but 4 weeks ago I was unexpectantly admitted to hospital, I was there for a week and since then on doctor’s advice I have been trying to rest / relax (which I find v difficult to do) .  However I have now so many posts planned, over the next few weeks hoping to post at least two or three (more if I can) per week.

Two magazine freebie I have seen this month so far – April editions (a little reminder for any new followers, that magazines always are dated a month in advance i.e. you get the April issue in March).  One I have purchased, but one I have resisted to date, please see reason why below.

ELLE £4.50  – There is a 25% off Warehouse discount gift card with this months Elle – I have not purchased it as nothing I want in Warehouse at the moment and one of my friends has the magazine for me anyway – she only bought it for the gift card.


MARIE CLAIRE £4.20   –  A Body Shop handcream worth £5 is free with this month’s Marie Claire –  choice of 3; coconut, mango or shea, I chose the mango fragrance – not as good a value as some of the freebies usually included but if you love Marie Claire and hand creams still worth getting.


No free gift  with subscription this month but there are usually regular offers on so just keep checking online for more free gift with subscription offers.

Hope this helps – any comments / queries please let me know.   As always if I see any more magazine freebies will update this post.

If not already subscribed, following my blog would love you to follow, would mean a lot.

Take care and will be back soon.

Best Wishes Liz xx

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