Review: Balmain Paris Silk ‘Hair’ Perfume

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If you have been following me for a while you will know I love different types of hair products.  One such product is the Balmain Silk Perfume which I use on a regular basis.

Size / Packaging

This beautiful fragrant ‘silk’ hair perfume comes in a see through plastic bottle with a black spray applicator/cap – 200ml RRP £24 or 50ml travel size RRP £9.95.



The Balmain Hair’s Silk Perfume is a beautifully fragrance for the hair.

It has a blend of Silk Protein and Argan Oil – stated that this nourishing treatment repairs dry, damaged and weak hair, whilst protecting from environmental aggressors to leave locks sleek, smooth and hydrated.

Can be used as a finishing spray for lustrous shine, or as a leave-in conditioner to detangle hair.



Application and Results

Advised to:  Spray a small amount onto hair from 25-30cm.  Do not rinse.  Can be used as a leave-in conditioner to detangle hair and enhance shine.

I apply as directed and spray lightly all over my hair, avoiding roots, before I dry it and afterwards as a finishing spray once I have styled applied any oils/serums to the ends.    I adore the results, hair feels soft to the touch and looks smooth, glossy and the smell is divine, my favourite ‘hair’ fragrance but it might have competition v soon for that title as Estee Lauder have just launched a Summer Waves salt spray for the hair, in their ‘Bronze Goddess’ range – more on that v soon.   This ‘silk perfume’ does feel slightly oily but it does not leave your hair feeling heavy or greasy as long as you do not apply to much or too close to your hair.    Although the fragrance does last well I do reapply during the day if I just want to give my hair a freshen up as the fragrance alone is uplifting.  Although I do like using it both ways my favourite is as a finishing spray.

I have both the 200ml and 50ml sizes – I have the 200ml for just over a year and it has lasted so well, still have approximately 1/4 left even though I do use most days as just love the finish and way my hair smells after using it.  The fragrance is also still as strong as when I first opened it which is another plus.

If you have never heard of this product or got round to trying it yet I  would  definitely recommend trying it for yourself if you can as think you will love it as well.  You can find out more about this product here.  You can buy from a number of online stores including:

Have you tried this Silk Hair Spray or anything from the Balmain Hair range before, if so would love to know your thoughts?

Thank you for reading and look forward to any comments you may have – if you are not already a follower would love you to follow my blog too – would mean a lot.

Thank you – take care and hope you have a great week.

Best Wishes Liz x


2 thoughts on “Review: Balmain Paris Silk ‘Hair’ Perfume

  1. Susie says:

    Hi Liz,

    Thank you for the post. I got to know this brand through look fantastic. They sell mini shampoo and conditioner which I bought once and they were lovely scented products. They are well known for their extensions too. I am crazy about scent for the hair, it seems so decadent, a really good way to feel richer than you are.

    If you won the 121 million remember I’m your best friend lol. I am not the UK winner.

    Liz were having to move house very unexpectedly as my landlords are selling up so if I am not around for a while you’ll know why and I’ll be back as soon as we’ve moved. We are moving into a really beautiful cottage which is down the road but it is still a move and we’re going to be busy. We have 3 cats as well so if will be stressful.

    Hope you’re well and I hope to be back soon, take care. Love from your beauty friend, Susie xx

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    • kellyklk says:

      Hi Susie

      Thank you – great to hear from you. I agree smells divine.

      If only lol – never lucky with lottery.

      All the v, v best with your move- cottage sounds perfect but know takes so much work to get all moved again. Will be lovely when you do.

      Take care of yourself and look forward to catching up soon.

      Love Liz xx


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