Review: Love Me Beauty – Phase Zero Eyeshadows / Make-up

Hi Everyone

As advised last month initially I wasn’t really sure about the changes to the Love Me Beauty  service .  However when I kindly received  a selection of Phase Zero lip products last month to try * I was impressed with the quality of the products so much (you can see my review via link here) I was really looking forward to what was going to be added to the LMB Phase Zero makeup collection this month.  I was over the moon when I seen it was eyeshadows as if you have been following me for a while you will know they are one of my favourite makeup items.


Firstly you need to sign up – 1 month membership is £5 but states minimum contract is 3 months.  Then after you become a LMB member you will gain access to LMB factory prices, I think you can purchase as many or as little beauty products (Phase Zero) at reduced prices, which will be added to your £5 – LMB advised this will save us 77%. You can buy the ‘Phase Zero’ products without a membership but works out a lot more expensive this way especially if you are purchasing a number of items.

I was delighted to kindly * receive 12 single eyeshadows and a magnetic closure palette to store them in this month.

I received the following 12 shades (members price £2.90 each RRP £5.90 each);  – as last month, all came in a heavier see through / silver resealable packet in an outer cardboard box as well.

When I opened the package first impressions were v good as loved the selection of colours included, a number of neutral shades with a few ‘stand out colours’ as well.  They looked similar to the MAC un-potted single shadows, quality felt good too, not too powdery and with good pigmentation.  No matt shades but a number with a lovely satin/sheen finish.

I received the following shades (swatches underneath each photo):



Do like all these shades but the ‘snowball’ shade has a bit more shimmer and a little bit more fall out, would not use just as much but still a lovely colour to have in my collection.


Love all these four shades although the ‘warm taupe’ shade does have a bit more shimmer as well, although not as much fall out as the ‘snowball’ shade.



Love all of these four shades and the top one ‘Velvet’ is my favourite out of them all beautiful purple with tones of pink and gold, has a v slight shimmer and looks so stunning on.

I also received the Phase Zero magnetic closure palette for storing the shadows (regular price £10.80 members price £4.80).  Love this palette, it has a  high quality card board type packaging with good quality built-in mirror.  Love the beautiful holographic design and the palette does hold the 12 eyeshadows but it is a tight squeeze, you have to move them slightly to get all of them in. Definitely would recommend getting this palette to hold the Phase Zero eyeshadows or any other eyeshadows / items you may have.

Delighted I received these products to try, v impressed with quality.  I found pigmentation was v good, good coverage,  v slight fall out with some of the shades , satin type finish and all lasted really well throughout the day when I wore as normal with my eyeshadow primer and Mac Shroom eyeshadow underneath.  I do love most of the shades but my favourites are Velvet Party Dress, Bright Light, Banana Beige, Pearl Shimmer, Nude Newbie and Cashmere.  Good selection of base, transition/contour and all over shades.  Although I kindly received these for review consideration I would definitely purchase a number of these and other shades in the range as they are such a good price at only £2.90 each, you can also get a number of the shades in sets which is even better value.

Also love what is available now to pre-order; selection of 11 liquid eye shadows  starting from only £4 for members, they also look gorgeous and love the selection of colours as well.   I would recommend checking out this new LMB service especially if you love makeup items as much as me.  Look forward to seeing what they have in store for us in future months.   Having  a minimum subscription of 3 months may put some people off but as it is only £5 a month it is not too bad and definitely works out better than purchasing items at non-member prices.

In addition Love Me Beauty have also kindly given me the code LIZC5 for you to use at checkout when you purchase for the first time to enable you to get £5 off your first purchase – thank you in advance if you do use my code as I will also benefit from this.  You can find out more about the new LMB subscription service here.

Look forward to any comments you may have – love to know what you think about the LMB changes or if you have signed up to this new service already?

If you are not already a follower would love you to follow my blog too – would mean a lot.    Will have more posts up later in the week and / or the weekend.

Thank you – enjoy the rest of the week and take care.

Best Wishes Liz x

* Kindly received for Review.


2 thoughts on “Review: Love Me Beauty – Phase Zero Eyeshadows / Make-up

  1. Susan Kremer says:

    Hi Liz,

    I’m loving the colours of the eyeshadows. Although quite subtle they look great. I also like the palette and how you can choose the eyeshadow colours. I like the selection.

    I’m not sure about the change in lovemebeauty because as you know I loved it especially Kat Von d and Perricone M.D. Also as someone on YouTube pointed out it is quite an expensive pallet when you count it all up, probably more than a really high end palette by the time you pay for all of it. I do however really like the eyeshadows you got and they will last for ages I’m sure. I am very impressed with the lipstick at lovemebeauty and the lip toppers as well as the liquid eyeshadow so I will be trying a few products in the future. I also am not sure of the membership unless you’re committed to buying for three months.

    Great post as always and we’ll be receiving our Harper’s box soon so quite exciting. Hope you’re having a great day and thank you for your posts, I love reading them, love from Susie xx

    Liked by 1 person

    • kellyklk says:

      Thank you Susie for your kind comments – mean a lot as always.

      I agree – loved the old Love Me Beauty service – not as bad when you purchase as single shadows but know when you also take account of membership charge it may be more than customers are prepared to pay for the service. Although I personally have been impressed with quality of the products so far.

      Hope you had a relaxing weekend and have a great week.

      Take care & chat soon love Liz xx


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