Review: BPerfect Cosmetics LMD Master Palette

Hi Everyone

When I heard  LMD (Louise McDonnell) / BPerfect Cosmetics  had created a Master Palette together  I was v excited and knew I would have to get one as love palettes especially eye shadow palettes and as Louise is such a fantastic makeup artist was expecting great things and I have not been disappointed, but more about that later.  Initially my daughter and myself shared one as sold out so quickly but then I was v lucky to be invited to the official launch party (a fantastic celebration launch party at the beautiful Merchant Hotel in Belfast) where we were v kindly gifted a palette each (photo below).

This palette has sold out a number of times it has been that popular (not surprised), some stores and are currently waiting to receive further stock – you can enter your email via link here to be notified when back in stock which hopefully will be v soon.

Packaging / Cost

The beautiful black and silver embossed palette which comes sealed in cellophane retails for £24.99 and has a magnetic closure.    There are mixture of twelve matt and shimmer eye shadows, one highlighter, one contour/bronzer and one blush within the palette.

The following lovely quote is also embossed on the inside of the ‘lid’:

‘BEAUTIFUL – Definition:  A person who is reading this.’  a lovely addition to the palette as well.

Application / Results

Initially when I opened the palette I feel in love with all the eye shadow colours and was delighted to see a highlight, sculpt/contour and blush included as well.

The quality of the eye shadows is fantastic, as good as any high quality palettes and better than a lot as well.  I can say this as I have a lot of palettes, tried a lot of eye shadows as eye shadows have always been one of my favourite make up items.   All the colours are v pigmented, including the shimmer shades and true to colour, they apply so easily with no or v, v, little fallout.  Blend so well and personally love using Prinny, Tiger, Marbs, Toffee as transition shades but Loyal and Rusty are perfect as well, Beam as a highlight, inner corner of the eye or under the eyebrow and then I use all the other colours either at outer corner of eyelid, just underneath transition shade and they work perfectly together.  But as Louise always advises always take each shade you use underneath your eye as well, these shadows work perfectly this way usually leave black mixed with another darker shade last depending on what shades I have used.    Although I always use an eye primer before applying, there are not enough words to express how much I love / rate these eye shadows – v pigmented, blend able, perfect consistency & they do last all day and look as good at the end of the day as at the start.


 The twelve eye shadow  are true to colour and are:

  • Toffee – light brown slight orange with light shimmer
  • Marbs – matt camel yellow
  • Loyal – gold shimmer
  • Tiger – matt burnt orange
  • Coco – matt brown
  • Rusty – taupe/rose gold shimmer
  • Beam – pink/lilac shimmer & highlight
  • Louise – beautiful dark pink / red
  • Smokey – matt brown / dark burgundy
  • Prinny – matt dusky pink
  • Cranberry – burgundy / purple shimmer
  • Noir – matt black

Top hi-lite, then sculpt and last is peachy – larger rectangular ‘pans’

The highlight is called ‘Hi-lite’ and is perfect gold shimmer – perfect to highlight top of cheek bones, inner corner of eyes and just below eyebrows;

Contour / bronze is called ‘Sculpt – this is perfect as the name says to sculpt / contour any area and I also find it is great as all over bronzer ( similar to Benefit Hoola Bronzer), also can be used as an eye shadow, lovely as a transition shade.

Last but no means least is the blush – named ‘Peachy’ and as the name says it is a peach colour with a little shimmer but don’t worry about this as I do not usually like shimmer in blushes either but the shimmer is not really noticeable when applied and Oh my goodness what a blush this is, so pigmented & the perfect colour, gives a natural healthy glow and it is the first blush I find that does last all day.  I cannot recommend this enough – it is absolutely stunning.


Although I was expecting good things when I first seen this palette the quality has surpassed my expectations, I absolutely adore it.  The versatility, colour chose, selection of products is outstanding.  The only additional makeup items you need is a foundation, concealer, mascara & lipstick – hoping Louise considers developing these products as well as more eye shadow/multi purpose palettes i.e. Master Palette 2.    The only things that maybe could have been added to the palette would be a mirror or a dual ended brush, however although a mirror looks good in a palette I personally do not really use them a lot and I think the majority of people, me included, have their own brushes which they prefer to use and to include either would have increased the retail price.  I personally think they made the right choice not to include either as I think this is another reason this palette has been so popular as it is so reasonably priced, well, well worth the money.  BPerfect Cosmetics & Louise (LMD) are to be congratulated as they have developed a high quality, multi-purpose product at a reasonable price.

I would definitely recommend trying for yourself (when it comes back in stock) or  getting it as a gift for someone as know most people would be delighted to receive it.  Perfect for everyone, professional make up artists, those of us who just love makeup, beginners and all ages – but then I think must makeup is ageless anyway.

Look forward to any comments you may have – have you tried this palette yet, and if so do you love it as much as me.  If you have not managed to get one yet love to know if you intend to purchase one for yourself or as a gift.   If you are not already a follower would love you to follow my blog too – would mean a lot.

Thank you – take care and enjoy the rest of the weekend.   Will have more posts up later today or / and tomorrow.

Best Wishes Liz x


8 thoughts on “Review: BPerfect Cosmetics LMD Master Palette

  1. Susie says:

    It’s lovely and includes a lot for the price. I like the eyeshadows too and the pigment looks good too. It would be fantastic for a holiday and would give you a lot of different looks as well.

    Liked by 2 people

    • kellyklk says:

      Thank you Susie – definitely – so versatile. Hoping there will be more in the future as well. Enjoy the rest of the weekend & chat soon Liz xx


    • kellyklk says:

      Hi thank you – yes it is a beautiful high quality palette. Definitely worth checking out. Enjoy the remainder of the weekend. Liz xx


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