Review: The Ordinary ‘Serum’ & ‘Coverage’ Foundations

Hi Everyone

Although the IT Cosmetics  Full Coverage Your Skin But Better CC cream with SPF 50+ is currently my favourite foundation – please see my earlier review here.  As there had / is so much hype about The Ordinary Foundations; the ‘Serum’ & the ‘Coverage’ Foundations, when I seen had both in stock I decided to purchase both versions as they are so reasonably priced at £5.75 & £5.95 – both also have SPF 15.   Both foundations are available in a number of shades (when in stock) –  I ordered the shade 1.2P (light with pink undertones) as seemed the nearest to my skin tone.

The ‘Serum‘ Foundation 30ml – RRP £5.75  SPF 15 – is described as: a lightweight serum formula – which provides ‘light’ coverage.  A serum-textured natural coverage foundation that softens undesirable hues and visibly reduces imperfections.


Shake before use.  Dispense a small amount…..smooth on and blend throughout the face.

Packaging & Results

Both the foundations come in a hard plastic bottle with matt black top (although would prefer a non-matt top as so much easier to keep clean but this is only a minor point) and practical pump applicator which I prefer with foundations as I personally feel they are more hygienic and in most cases avoids too much wastage.  There is a slight ‘clinical’ type fragrance of the foundation but it is not overpowering.  The serum has a runny but light creamy consistency and when you apply it to your face it blends so easily (colour looks a bit strange at first), I found it applied / blended better with my beauty blender and finger tips rather than a brush.  It has a tinted moisturiser type finish  and although definitely a light coverage you can also build coverage up slightly;  I also found concealer blended so easily over it.

Although you need to use concealer to cover any blemishes, skin definitely appears more flawless, more refreshed, with a natural slight dewy finish, although not ‘greasy’ looking.  Does not settle into any fine lines, also blends so easily that ‘pores’ appear less noticeable, is long-lasting with a finishing powder and is the perfect base for applying an overall bronzer and although would prefer a heavier coverage for a night out I think this would be a perfect everyday ‘light’ foundation.  Shade 1.2P is a perfect match for my light skin tone as well.  Would definitely recommend trying for yourselves especially if you prefer a light coverage foundation / tinted moisturiser as this a really good one and is excellent value for money.    At this stage think I will repurchase.


The ‘Coverage‘ Foundation 30ml – RRP £5.95  SPF 15 – described as: a high-coverage foundation formula that provides ‘full’ coverage.  A high-coverage creamy foundation that softens undesirable hues. 


Shake before use.  Dispense a small amount…..smooth on and blend throughout the face.

Packaging & Results

Has similar packaging and fragrance as the ‘Serum’  but with a thicker creamy consistency and when you apply to your face it does take a bit longer to blend, I found it again applied / blended better with my beauty blender and finger tips rather than a brush.  It definitely does have a heavier coverage but I would say is more a medium to full coverage as you still need to build it up to cover heavier blemishes, imperfections.    As with most foundations you still need to apply concealer over heavier imperfections, but skin definitely does appear more flawless with ‘non raised’ imperfections definitely less noticeable.   It also has a beautiful satin finish and is long lasting.

The only issue for me personally I found the foundation settled in my pores around the nose area and on raised minor ‘blemishes’, made them even more noticeable, even with primer or however much I blended so found the best way for me to wear was to avoid the nose area, any raised blemishes and apply my normal foundation on these areas and this foundation everywhere else and blend all together which is not the ideal solution but it was / is workable.  Again the shade 1.2P is a perfect match for my light skin tone as well.    If you prefer a medium / heavier coverage foundation I would definitely recommend trying for yourselves as it is excellent value especially if you are lucky and have no ‘pore’ / raised blemishes issues.    I will continue to use this myself with my IT Cosmetic foundation, however as I prefer having a foundation that addresses all my concerns without having to do a ‘workaround’ not sure I will be repurchasing in the near future even though it is good value for money.  I feel this foundation is slightly comparable to the ‘Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation, not quite as heavy and initially not as full coverage but is buildable.

Both foundations are definitely worth trying as so reasonably priced.  You can purchase in  a number of stores, when in stock, including  (but not many colours left in stock at the moment) and

Look forward to any comments you may have – have you tried either / both of The Ordinary Foundations already, if so, love to know what you think?   If you are not already a follower would love you to follow my blog too – would mean a lot.

Thank you – take care and hope you have a great week.

Best Wishes Liz x

4 thoughts on “Review: The Ordinary ‘Serum’ & ‘Coverage’ Foundations

  1. Susie says:

    I have lovely skin other than open pores on my chin and for me it’s better to avoid foundation as it tends to magnify pores. However I do think it is very reasonably priced and I wish I could wear something other than a very light finishing bb cream. It’s a funny thing, I have always wanted to indulge in foundation and powder but whether cheap or expensive I have never found anything that is compatible with my skin.

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    • kellyklk says:

      Hi Susie thank you – sounds very like me as have always had difficultly as well due to open pores round nose area so found tinted moisturisers suited my skin best until I tried the IT Cosmetics / CC foundation and adore it now it blends out so well. Take care & have a great week. Liz xx


      • Susie says:

        Hi, oh I wish I could wear something like you but also my skin tends too drink anything I use despite being hydrated. I guess I’ve never worn foundation so I’m used to my skin being natural but wish I could find something for the pores on my chin that works. Thank you for the great post, it is invaluable to read about products that I have not come across, Have a great week and I’ll look forward to reading your product information soon.

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