PUR Eye Polish in ‘Satin’ Review

Currently one of my favourite eye make up products is the Pur Eye Polish  (£17). There are 6 shades available and the one I have tried and loved is ‘Satin’, a beautiful everyday creamy neutral / light rose gold shade – however I intend to try some of  the other shades v soon:



  • Cashmere – Decadent metallic champagne beige.
  • Caviar – Black with golden shimmer.
  • Satin – Creamy golden nude with hints of pink metallic.
  • Silk – Warm iridescent copper.
  • Suede – Earthy brown with a metallic finish.
  • Velvet – Metallic amethyst.

Directions for Use:

  • Using the flat, flexible, pointed Latex-free Silicone applicator, pat or lightly press, Eye Polish on the eyelid.
  • You can sweep eye shadow over top or in the crease to add dimension.

As a Top Coat:

  • Using the Latex-free Silicone applicator, apply Eye Polish on top of powder eye shadows on the centre of the lid.
  • Press Eye Polish in the inner corner of the lid to make the eyes pop or along the lower lash line for a sultry look.
  • Eye Polish can also be applied with a liner brush for a metallic liner or buffed into the crease using a utility or crease brush.

The PUR Cosmetics Eye Polish  can be used as a primer / base for most eye shadows, worn on its on own as a subtle creamy shimmery shade or as a top coat.  I personally also use a primer as well but either way I find this eye polish is very long lasting, does not budge or crease throughout the day.    I love wearing it just with the primer but it is also the perfect base.   I love the way it highlights your eyes, is so easy to apply and so comfortable to wear.

The creamy cushioned formula eye polish comes in a screw top jar with a silicone applicator.  There is ‘netting’ protecting the polish and I find that at the beginning I prefer to put the polish on with my fingers by patting / pressing gently on the eyelids and you can easily build your colour up that way too, there is no fall out although you need to be careful where you apply it, as it is long lasting so if you go slightly outside your eyelid by mistake, you need to remove it as soon as possible or you will need to use an eye makeup remover to remove completely.  However as you use the product up  I find it is  easier to use the silicone applicator as it is then difficult to get the product out because of the net covering.  You can also apply the polish very easily with the applicator but it just takes a bit more practice.

I absolutely love this product and it is now a staple in my makeup collection and would highly recommend trying – the only v slight negative is when the product is nearly finished it is more difficult to get the remainder of the polish out (photo below shows my new / unused eye polish on the left – when new the product is near the top) so if there was some way that you could remove the interior section / netting it would be absolutely perfect.


This product is one I will always repurchase but as always I search for the best offers available prior to purchasing – currently there are no specific offers on but is available to purchase on a number of online stores including  Feel Unique and Beauty Bay (although they do have regular offers on and you can choose samples at checkout on both these sites with set spend) – however  both sites are currently out of stock of the ‘Satin’ shade (so glad I have a spare one and hope it will be back in stock v soon)- however they have the ‘Cashmere’ shade in stock which looks the nearest colour to Satin and is the shade I think I will also try next. 

Hope you found this helpful and look forward to any comments you may have – if you are not already a follower would love you to follow my blog too – would mean a lot.

Thank you – take care and hope you all have a lovely weekend.

Best Wishes Liz x

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