AESOP Resurrection Aromatique Hand Wash

As our hands are so hard-working we wash / cleanse them frequently on a daily basis which is why I have always been on the look out for a gentle effective hand wash that does the job, protects against the elements, eliminates unwanted smells, cleanses hands properly and treats your hands with care.  So was delighted when a few months ago I found in my opinion the near perfect product – the Aesop Resurrection Aromatique Hand Wash.


Described as a superior cleansing gel for hard-working hands and gentle enough for frequent use.  This product is enhanced with botanical extracts or Range, Rosemary and Lavender.  The anti-bacterial properties of Mandarin and Rosemary extracts help to cleanse, while Lavender assists skin in feeling soothed and hydrated.  A gel which is especially good for hands prone to dryness.

ApplicationMassage a small amount into wet hands and rinse thoroughly.

It comes in a 500 ml hard plastic bottle with pump applicator and costs £27 – this in my opinion is the only one slight negative, it is expensive, but as it takes so little product each time and because of the results I believe it is worth it.

It is a clear liquid with a beautiful refreshing clean natural fragrance, not over powering and the Lavender fragrance is not overly strong either, which I prefer as I am not a fan of Lavender fragranced products.  You only need one pump and once you add water to the cleanser it turns to a slightly milky consistency and it cleanses your hands thoroughly and effectively, no unwanted scents remain on your hands and it does not leave your hands dry.  As you wash your hands the fragrance of the product develops and envelopes you and the room you are in.  This is a brilliant product for cleansing and removing any strong cooking smells, for example onions and also any outdoor or pet scents.

I definitely would recommend this product especially  for frequent washing, after cooking, working outside,  working with animals,  or any occasion where you just need to cleanse remove any strong scents from your hands.   Although I do not find this product drying on the hands I still use hand cream on a regular basis, after each wash as with washing your hands so much you need hand cream to protect them.  My favourite is the L’Occitane Hand cream – I will let you know all about this product on another post shortly.

As you can see above I now love this product and as always I look out for the best offers available when purchasing (two of out of the three above are now empty).  You can purchase from a number of online stores and have included two below which I hope you find helpful.

  • SPACENK UK:, – £27 – no free gifts, discount offers on at the moment – however currently free shipping when you spend £40 or more and three free samples – however remember to sign up or go through Topcashback  first to get cashback on your purchase (please see link here for further details);
  • MANKIND: – £27 – free UK shipping and currently when you spend £50 or above you get a free gift from Mio worth £25– if this offer finished always search for a new one before purchasing.

Look forward to any comments you may have.

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Thank you – take care.

Best Wishes Liz x

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