Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Cleanser

I recently was lucky enough  to get two free 30 ml Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish Hot Cloth Cleansers at the Liz Earle counter in Boots (at separate times), one through a consultation and  the other  through a voucher in a recent Daily Mail.  (If you missed out on this offer please consider following my Instagram page (beautyfashionchitchat) where I post notifications of any offers when I see or become aware of them)  Although the Daily Mail offer was  very popular, is now finished, still worth asking if they have any samples left you could try.


I had previously used the cleanse and polish and was always happy with it but then moved on to cleansing oils so wanted to give the cleanse and polish another go again.  I have now had a chance to try properly again so wanted to let you know my thoughts.

The cleanser is known as award-winning, for all skin types and can be used with the pure muslin cloth gently to remove daily grime and makeup even stubborn mascara.  The cleanser has a white thicker creamy consistency and once you open it you are enveloped in all the aromas of the natural ingredients, especially the Eucalyptus essential oils.  Contains Rosemary, Chamomile and Cocoa Butter as well.  You are advised that Cleanse & polish is a 2 phase process and you first need to massage gently onto skin including the eye and neck areas and then using the muslin cloth, which should be rinsed in hand hot water, to gently polish off the cream. 


I applied the 2 phase process as advised and found the creamy consistency is just beautiful on the skin and the natural oils give a calming element too while you are massaging the cream cleanser onto the skin.  I personally find you need to massage a bit more, though still gently, round the eye area  if you have a lot of eye makeup on, as you would expect.  The muslin cloth takes off all traces of makeup / cream after a few rinses and I personally found my skin was left clean,  refreshed, glowing with no irritations/ redness / tightness  at all.     However you need to apply the 2 phase process correctly i.e. use the hot muslin cloth to remove the cleanser to see the full benefits of this product as I know we can all be tempted sometimes to take a shortcut and just apply the cream and then just rinse off with warm water.

I will definitely be purchasing and will keep using this alternatively with my DHC Deep Cleansing Oil (will also do a separate review on this soon) and would recommend you trying this product, if you have not already.   As always I will look out for the best offers available at the time. I have included some online sites below where offers are available at the moment but as always shop around online or in store for best offers before purchasing – hope this helps.

  • Boots: –  travel sizes start from £5.50 for the 30ml cleanse and polish but seems to be without the muslin cloth but you can polish cloths separately and also currently there are a choice of a number of sets available which include the cleanse and polish –  remember if purchasing in store just ask if they have any samples that you can try and your advantage card points too;
  • Liz Earle: –  travel sizes start from £6 for the 30ml cleanse and polish and muslin cloth and there currently a choice of a number of offers available including five travel size products when you spend £50 or more  and in addition if you use my link here  until the 11.09.16 you will get £5 to spend (I receive £5 too).

Thank you for looking – any queries / comments please let me know.  If you have tried the cleanse and polish before would love to know your thoughts.

Best Wishes – take care  Liz x

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