How to Get Cashback with Purchases

As I just love helping people save money where they can (especially on fashion and beauty products) I wanted to let you know of a way to claim cashback with your purchases through TopCashback (Quidco or both).  I understand a number of you may be aware and already signed up, but for those of you who are not, just wanted to give you a quick overview.

I am signed up to both the Quidco ( and TopCashback ( sites however TopCashback  is the one I currently use the most.

  • First step is to check out the cashback sites above and decide if you want to sign up, and if you do this then enables you claim  / withdraw any cashback earned when it becomes payable and then all you have to do when you shop online is to simply sign in to your for example; TopCashback account and click-through to the store you want to shop at (remember not all merchants offer cashback but always remember to check first to see if they do before purchasing to make sure you earn cashback where you can – I find it very easy, just an extra step, the only problem at the beginning is actually remembering to do this especially when you are in a hurry to order something). By doing this, you can earn cashback on every purchase you make (where merchants are offering cashback) – whether you are booking a holiday, flights or train tickets, buying your groceries, taking out car, travel, pet, home insurance, taking out a beauty box subscription, selecting new beauty products, looking for savings on Group-on, choosing gifts for birthdays etc  I personally have found at the moment that any type of new insurance, phone contracts, broadband contracts  give the highest amount of cashback, this can also vary – however they can also take the longest for the cashback you have earned to become payable;
  • Also remember to check out the voucher codes on TopCashback, which you can use alongside the cashback offers, meaning you can make double savings when you buy. Just be aware, ONLY use vouchers from TopCashback, otherwise, you may not be able to earn cashback;
  • When it comes to taking the cashback rewards you have earned from your account, TopCashback offers many payout methods, including some which will give you a bonus of up to 10%. So, if you have earned £100 in cashback, you could receive up to £110. As well as being able to have your cashback paid directly into your PayPal or bank account, you can choose to have it paid out in Tesco Clubcard points or Argos, Amazon and Boots vouchers;
  • You can also earn money by getting your friends to sign up to TopCashback through their Tell-a-Friend bonus scheme. You just invite your friends  / colleagues etc to join their website and you will earn a referral bonus for everyone who signs up via your link and goes on to earn £10 or more in payable credit.

I have inserted both my referral link and direct link to site at bottom of post whichever you prefer to use if you decide to sign up – as my main reason for making you aware of the cashback facility is to save you money / earn you cashback where you can when you shop especially on those beauty fashion items that we all love so much.

However one thing that you need to be aware of is that some cashback claims can take a longer period of time before they become payable – some of my cashback claims have taken 3 months (some can take longer) however I always have received any cashback due in the end.  Hope this helps.

Thank you for looking – any comments / queries please let me know.

Best Wishes Liz x

Direct Link to Topcashback site:

My referral link: –


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