Elemis Pro-Collagen Anti Ageing Lifting Treatment for Neck & Bust

One of my favourite skincare brands is Elemis and their stand out product for me over the last few years has been their Pro-collagen Anti Ageing Lifting Treatment for the Neck and Bust (http://www.elemis.com/pro-collagen-lifting-treatment-neck-and-bust.html– which I see now has the new packaging too), which comes in a 50ml pump container.

It has a creamy consistency and a natural light / not overpowering fragrance and one or two pumps is enough for the neck and bust area and you just massage in with light upward strokes – I found with regular use it leaves the bust and neck area hydrated, smoother and also more youthful looking and any visible signs of aging are reduced and I also personally found that it was very gently on the skin – no adverse reaction at all.

Only downside to this product is the recommended retail price of £73 – however I always look out for special offers and currently there are a number of offers through the online retailers below (think this may be in part to Elemis bringing out a new neck and decollete balm recently – I have only tried a sample of this so verdict out on it at the moment – will do a blog post on this new product when I get a chance to try it properly).

  • Elemis has it at full price however you can select a free deluxe sample with purchase and there are often other offers on as well E.g. when you spend a certain amount you get a free gift too –  I also have found a code in the July 2016 edition of the Instyle magazine for 20% off until 31.07.16 – link to site http://www.elemis.com/ and discount details belowimage.jpeg
  • Essentials Pharmacy – currently it is reduced to £54.75 and you get a free 15 ml Pro-collagen marine cream as well and also an Elemis free gift worth £47 if you spend over £100 on Elemis products – link to site http://www.essentialslondon.com/
  • Treatyourskin – currently reduced to £53.59  – link to site http://www.treatyourskin.com/.

Remember the above offers are only for a few retailers / stores online and always search online to get the best offer possible at the time – hope this helps.

Thank you for looking – any comments or queries please let me know.

Best Wishes

Liz x

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