Review: Sarah Chapman London Skinesis Skin Insurance SPF 30

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I wanted to let you know about another product I have purchased / tried from the Sarah Chapman London Skinesis range – the Skinesis Skin Insurance SPF 30 Perfecting Tint.

In case you have not heard of Sarah Chapman or her products – please see link here for further details, range of products available and link here for my earlier review here on the Skinesis Overnight Facial serum.

The Sarah Chapman Skinesis Skin Insurance SPF 30 Perfecting Tint is described as a skin perfecting tinted protection from UVA, UVB, thermal & infrared radiation, with antioxidants, stem cell active complex & smart light scattering powders, Sarah Chapman Skinesis Skin Insurance SPF 30 delivers a visible youth boost.

Stated: Use every morning after moisturising. Smooth 2-3 pumps evenly over face and neck.  Reapply as required.

Results are described as:

Perfects and protects skin from infrared, thermal and UV ageing, helping to reverse signs of damage and increase tolerance to UV. Smart light scattering powders and intelligent adaptive tint reduce the appearance of skin imperfections for an enhanced Skinesis glow.

Sounds impressive doesn’t it?  Now to what I thought/think.


Packaging and Cost

The product comes in a practical bronze hard plastic container with silvertone detail around it and white writing.  It has a pump applicator and push on cap and RRP is £49 for 30ml (unless on offer) – as well as being practical, the packaging does look luxurious as well.

It has a light slightly oily creamy consistency (though not greasy) – looks and feels  like a lighter tinted moisturiser.  First thing I noticed again, was the aroma, love the aroma of all the Sarah Chapman products I have tried to date – it is hard to explain but to me it is has an uplifting, refreshing, maybe a slight Citrus fragrance, not overpowering but still lingers slightly on the skin.  Again when you apply it, feels like your skin is being treated, pampered with a luxurious product.   I also love this is a combination of a skincare and makeup product,  a light tinted moisturiser.

Application and Results

Now on to the application and results, I used / use two pumps as directed after my moisturiser  (sufficient for face neck and top of chest), I dabbed on my face and neck like a foundation and then applied / apply either with a beauty blender or my fingertips, found both work well.    Blends so easily (photo below shows it v well blended in on my arm, I have v pale skin and had no tan on in this photo), leaves your skin looking refreshed, feeling hydrated, dewy but not greasy more like a boost to the skin and although only a tint it does give a light coverage which is also slightly buildable, need to apply concealer over any blemishes but I do this anyway even with heavier tinted moisturisers / foundations. I also have mixed with one of my ‘hero’ products, the IT Cosmetics CC Foundation Cream to give my skin an additional boost and it works perfectly.  Personally I have had no irritations either.

I think this will be a great all year round product but think it is especially good for the warmer weather when you don’t really want to wear a foundation but still would like a light coverage something to help give a boost to the skin whilst also helping to protect it.

Definite repurchase for me and I would recommend trying this product if you can, not only for the results but also because it is so easy to fit into your normal routine. However if you have a Sarah Chapman counter near you, check it out for yourself, especially if you have a more oily skin.

You can purchase from a number of online stores which include, Sarah Chapman, SpaceNK UK,, currently Feelunique are offering a Free gift worth £47 with 2 Sarah Chapman purchases, while stocks last and they also have regular discount codes, free gift offers available as well.  However as always check around to see where you can get the best offer i.e. discovery sets, discount off, free gifts with purchase, samples or hopefully if you are lucky maybe all of them.

Look forward to any comments you may have.   Love to hear if you have tried this product before and if so do you like it as much as me.

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Review: Stylist Live Event – November 2017

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I hope you all had a good weekend.

As you know as part of my passion for beauty and fashion I love attending beauty and fashion events and one event I have been wanting to attend for the last few years has been the Stylist Live event, held each year usually over three days in England – you can find out more details here.  Stylist Live is more than a beauty & fashion event, it helps bring the Stylist magazine to life across three days of experts, interviews, comedy, food, beauty and fashion exclusives.

As dates suited myself and my daughter this year I could not resist and bought the VIP tickets for us both.

These are the different ticket options available – details below, however always check what offers are on as you usually can get really good offers on tickets at the beginning, nearer the dates (if available) i.e. two for one etc. which is particularly good value on the Gold VIP tickets, (I got my tickets at the beginning).



This year Stylist Live was held in the Olympia London from Friday 10th to Sunday 12th November; Friday 10am-9pm, Saturday 10am – 7pm and Sunday 10am – 6pm and we attended on the  Friday  and as we were staying in London and only approximately a 10 minute walk from the venue we arrived at the start and as we were in no rush leaving, we did not mind the long queues for treatments.


If you a VIP ticket once you arrive and show your ticket (handy to just show on phone) you receive a VIP badge to wear round your neck throughout the day to gain excess to the VIP area which has additional offers, treatments available and where you get your goodie bag (we did not collect our gorgeous treats until the end of the day as bag was  packed with beautiful goodies).  If you have a VIP ticket remember to book your THRIVE event as soon as you see the one you want as the more popular ones go quickly e.g. Russell Brand and Fearne Cotton slots were fully booked really quickly.

Once you get inside you then have access to everything, as shown above, and can go round each ‘booth’ at your own pace.  We availed of the hair and beauty treatments and although queues for getting your hair done were v long, we didn’t really mind as we were in no rush but we did have to wait well over an hour & a half even though we went early but it still was worth it.     There is also a number of areas where you can get complimentary food, soft drinks (e.g. Diet Coke) and also purchase food.   Time just flew past and we did not leave the event until almost 9pm (closing time).

Definitely intend going back next year if I can because it even surpassed my expectations and I was expecting a lot – so many inspirational / informative talks, fashion shows, treatments, refreshments, and also good selection of brands, products to try and I discovered a number of new products as well – well worth the ticket price.     It is obvious a lot of planning, work goes into  this event,  v well organised, laid out although some booths were quite close together which made it a little bit more difficult to navigate at the busier times of the day but we did not mind this too much.    It is definitely worth all the ticket prices especially the VIP ticket when you take account of the additional treatments, refreshments, facilities you can avail off and the goodie bag you get.  If I lived near London would still  be happy with a bronze or silver ticket but when you have to travel a distance, I think the VIP ticket is the best option as the additional talks, treatments, food  available enhances your day’s enjoyment.

Therefore I  would highly recommend attending / purchasing tickets for the 2018 event when they become available if you can as we both thought it was a brilliant day  and really, really enjoyed it – v best event I have ever attended even taking account of the travelling we had to do to get there.  Many, many congratulations to all involved.

Few recommendations / tips for the day:

  • Book the VIP or other tickets when offers are on if you can;
  • Ensure you book your Thrive event as soon as possible if a VIP ticket holder;
  • Sign up for all the updates on the events on social media so you are fully aware of what is going to be available – updates on who and what will be available;
  • Get your free Stylist magazine which also gives details on the event and many other topics – copies of the most recent issue are available at the event too;
  • Nearer the date of the event, plan what you want to see, do on the day as when you go you will see so much;
  • Make sure you avail of as many offers as you can as this is a great way to learn about new brands and try new products; and finally
  • Just relax and enjoy your day; the perfect pampering experience.

Now onto the goodies we got (so, so impressed with the goodie bag well over the stated £150 stated value, but remember this is only available for VIP ticket holders) – we also were given a number of products to try from different brands, which was a great way to see if suitable prior to purchasing (all ticket holders have access to this.

The goodie bag:

Some of the other complimentary products we got to try and there was even more available:

Hope you enjoyed reading about the event – would love to know if you attended this year and if so what you thought of it – did you enjoy it as much as we did?

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Thank you for reading – hope you have a fantastic week.

Best Wishes Liz x

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Review: Seoulista Beauty ‘Instant Facial’ Sheet Masks

Hi Everyone

I was delighted recently to v kindly receive four Seoulista Beauty ‘Instant Facial’ Sheet Masks (RRP £7.99 each) to try *(PR sample).    I had never heard about the range so was intrigued – you can find out more details here.

States, Seoulista Beauty Instant Facials are free from parabens, mineral oil, sulphates and artificial colours.  Each packet contains one face mask and as usual you  cleanse your face thoroughly first, then you are advised to remove face mask from packaging, unfold, and peel off protective film.  Press the mask to your face and peel off the outer layer (this is the same for all the masks with the exception of the charcoal one, no backing to remove, a cloth style mask), then smooth to fit facial contours. Allow the serum to infuse for 20 minutes before removing. Do not wash off. Smooth the remaining serum into the skin.

I am going to let you know the results I got with each mask underneath each one – however going to include a full summary at bottom of what I actual thought of the masks themselves.

1. Brightening

Described as:

  • Naturally derived coconut mask infused with vitamin C & AHA’s;
  • exfoliates & hydrates the skin;
  • contains antioxidants to fade & repair dark spots & pigmentation; and
  • correct & brightens your skin tone
Off white mask – Did feel refreshing on my skin, no irritation and did leave my skin feeling hydrated and looking brighter but would not say really helped to exfoliate my skin and unable to judge if fades and repairs dark spots & pigmentation as I am lucky and do not have either.  But I was happy that I could use the extra serum in the packet to treat my neck & hands as well.  May purchase this mask.

2.  Super Hydration

Described as:

  • Naturally derived coconut mask infused with hyaluronic acid;
  • intensely hydrating & instantly plumping;
  • contains antioxidants to defend against ageing; and
  • improves skin elasticity, smoothness & radiance.
Off white mask – Also felt refreshing on skin and I did feel that this mask was working more on my skin, a v slight tingling feeling but not uncomfortable.  My skin did look more radiant and refreshed after I removed it and my skin did feel lovely and soft, not sure about the plumping element though. Again able to use the extra serum in the packet to treat my neck & hands as well.    Will purchase this mask.

3. Correct & Calm

Described as:

  • Naturally derived coconut mask infused with witch hazel and eucalyptus leaf;
  • perfect for minor breakouts;
  • irritation & redness;
  • cools, hydrates & balances skin; and
  • helps to minimise large pores.
Off white mask – Felt cooling on skin and did feel this mask was working on my skin as well but again not uncomfortable.  My skin did feel cleaner, hydrated and a slight blemish did seem less irritated, however pores round my nose did not look any different / minimised, but again able to use the extra serum in the packet to treat my neck & hands as well.  Not sure I will purchase this mask.

4. Charcoal Detox

Described as:

  • Naturally derived bamboo mask infused with charcoal & volcanic ash;
  • frees skin from toxins & impurities;
  • rich in minerals to deep cleanse & hydrate the skin;
  • helps to refine skin & minimise pore size.
Black cloth type mask felt more comfortable on the skin, my favourite out of the four.  This one also fitted better and I could have relaxed and kept it on for longer.  My skin did feel it had got a deeper cleanse but also still felt hydrated.   Pores round the nose also appeared less noticeable.  Will definitely purchase this mask.



There was a slight fragrance of all of the masks but none were overpowering, there is a lot of serum on the masks & inside the packet which is great but makes it quite difficult to remove the backing prior to and after applying the mask to your face. Mask does smooth down ok and fits quite well but not just as good a fit as some other sheet masks I have tried, (this was the same for all the masks with the exception of the charcoal one).  I preferred the charcoal mask on my skin as felt more comfortable and could have left on longer period of time, the other three I was happy when it was time to remove them as just could not relax the same with them.

For each mask it states not to wash off smooth remaining serum into skin and wait 30 minutes before applying makeup – however for me personally this was not possible skin still felt too tacky uncomfortable for applying makeup over.  I found it better and would recommend applying any of the masks in the evening prior to bed and then you can just smooth any remaining serum into the skin and let it work overnight and rinse off in the morning again.

Although I enjoyed trying all the masks, they are reasonably priced, perfect for travelling and would recommend trying for yourself there are only two of them I would definitely go out and purchase now, the Charcoal & the Super Hydration but that is just personal choice so you may prefer one of the others more.

Your can purchase from a number of stores, including – for a list of stockists please see link here.

Look forward to any comments you may have.   If you are not already a follower would love you to follow my blog too – would mean a lot.  Will have more posts up over the weekend.

Thank you – take care and hope you have a great weekend.

Best Wishes Liz x

*PR Sample

Review: Estee Lauder Re-Nutriv Facial – House of Fraser, Victoria Square, Belfast

Hi Everyone

fullsizerender 6-2

As part of my passion for beauty  I also love having beauty and spa treatments especially facials and pedicures.  So when I found out at a recent Victoria Square beauty brunch event that the Estée Lauder Counter in House of Fraser, Victoria Square, Belfast  had v recently started to offer luxury Re-Nutriv anti-ageing Facials, the cost of which could then be fully redeemed on their skincare range I could not resist and booked a facial for myself as this sounded too good an opportunity to miss.


Cost / Availability

The facial treatment costs £50 at time of booking which is then fully refundable on any Estée Lauder skin care after your facial.   Cannot think of a  better way to get a treatment as essentially you are getting your facial for free.   The luxury Re-Nutriv facial is currently only offered / available in 3 stores within UK / Ireland; House of Fraser (HoF), Victoria Square,  Belfast, Brown Thomas, Limerick and Harrods, London.    Fantastic we now have the opportunity to avail of this luxury treatment here locally in Northern Ireland.


I had my facial during the week and Sinéad was my therapist – currently there are two therapists on counter at HoF Belfast trained to carry out this treatment.  As advised before the facial costs £50 which you need to pay at time of booking (you can book over the telephone or at the counter) and then when you arrive at the Estée Lauder Counter in Belfast your therapist will take you to the treatment room at the back of the store.


Once I went into the treatment room it felt like I had been transported to a spa facility    The softly lit treatment room was arranged similar to any spa treatment room; there was an adjustable treatment bed where towels, a band for your hair, slippers were arranged on top of it,  beautiful pictures on the walls with soft relaxing music playing in the background and luxury Estée Lauder skin care products arranged beautifully on shelves.   (photos from treatment room throughout post and below)


Once I had taken in the beautiful surroundings and Sinéad my therapist had explained all about the facial advising that as well as my face she would also be working on my neck,  top of my décolletage, shoulder areas (which is the same as the majority facials I have had), she left me for few minutes to enable me to get ready for this beautiful pampering experience (door is also lockable for your privacy when you are getting ready).


After I got comfortable on the bed, Sinéad came in, made sure I was warm enough and then started my facial by removing my makeup, using luxury Re-Nutriv products (Please see link here for more information on the Re-Nutriv range of products) & warm & cool towels  at specific stages of my treatment.    Throughout each stage of the treatment Sinéad used beautiful massage techniques which felt like a light work out for my face (not uncomfortable at all just relaxing –  working on the lymphatic drainage system) which ensures your skin is getting the full benefits from your facial and all the products applied during it.     When my indulgent Ultimate Diamond Mask Noir  and  Advanced Night Repair Concentrated Recovery Eye Masks (taken from the fridge) were applied, Sinéad then give me a gorgeous hand and arm massage while the masks were ‘working’.    Once the masks had sufficient time to work, Sinéad then removed them and applied my finishing  Re-Nutrive skin care products.

fullsizerender 8

After the facial was over (facial takes approximately 1 hour but allow yourself at least 1 hour 30 minutes for the full experience).  I was given time to relax while Sinéad discussed my treatment and the products she had used for my facial, their specific skincare benefits and then also explained about a current FREE GIFT offer they have available (while stocks last) – currently when you spend £100 on any of the Re-Nutriv products you get a beautiful FREE GIFT containing a number of deluxe samples from the Re-Nutriv range which come in a beautiful zipped cosmetic purse (full details below).  This is a great way to sample the range and means when you redeem the £50 for the facial you only need to pay another £50 to enable you to get the free gift.

I personally think this is the perfect way to try the Re-Nutriv range as it is a luxury range and with the samples being deluxe size you are able to test the products properly to see if you really like them prior to purchasing.  Sinéad then left the room to give me time to get ready, advising as normal with any facial to leave skin free from any makeup / products for the rest of the day.  However could not resist and told her I was going to apply just a little bit of eyeliner, mascara and lip balm three of my essential make up items, feel naked without.

Purchases / Free Gift

Once I was ready I then went out to the counter where Sinéad had my products and FREE GIFT ready (could not resist as such a good offer).  I purchased the Advanced Night Repair Concentrated Recovery Eye Masks  RRP £36  (had heard so much about these so was happy Sinead used these as part of my facial and I will do a full review when get a chance to try properly four in box and you are advised to use once a week) and Re-Nutriv Hand Treatment (I know this a v expensive product  for a hand treatment but if it does all it says it does it may be worth it and it does feel so softening on the hands and you need a very small amount) I then received the following FREE gift (this gift is available while stocks last and you may receive a slightly different one, just check with your therapist prior to purchasing your products).   


The products also came presented in a beautiful Black and Silver patterned gold tone zipped Cosmetic Pouch.




Although your therapist may helpfully recommend products based on your skin concerns there is absolutely no requirement to purchase above the £50 facial fee, it is totally down to you what / how much skin care you purchase there is no pressure put on you by the therapist/Estee Lauder staff to purchase more.

My Final Thoughts / Results

I have to say I enjoyed every single bit of the treatment (skin care fragrance not over powering either) and it surpassed my expectations.  My skin felt amazing, fresh, rejuvenated, hydrated smooth and looked glowing even without makeup and yesterday and today I think my skin looks even better, have had no breakouts yet either.  I have had a number of facials in the past and have also enjoyed the majority of them but this was the v first one I felt that my skin was actually getting a gentle workout as well as being pampered which when you think about it should always be the case to ensure that your skin is able to benefit fully from all the products that are being applied.

Sinéad’s touch and pressure was perfect, felt she was v experienced and knew exactly what she was doing throughout.    It was a full facial experience, not a token one as some people may expect when they hear that the total cost of the facial can be fully redeemed on skin care products.   The treatment room itself is also perfect and although you are in the store when you are getting the treatment you are transported to a relaxing spa facility.   The only time you realise that you are in a department store is from time to time during the treatment you might hear slight noises coming from the shopping area but I did not find this disturbed my enjoyment of the treatment as the relaxing music helped to phase this out.

I personally found that Sinéad, Janice the Estée Lauder Manager and all the staff are very friendly, professional but approachable, helpful without being pushy and also provide excellent customer service which is one of the main things I look for as well.  I  have already booked my second Re-Nutriv facial as I enjoyed this treatment so much and being able to redeem the full cost on skin care products is a fantastic bonus.   You can book in for the Re-Nutriv facial once a month, every two months or how often as you want and  then continue  to redeem your £50 fee against skincare products.     This anti-aging facial is probably more beneficial from mid twenties onwards but this is down to each individual, what their/your particular concerns are.


I would highly recommend ringing to speak to a therapist on the  counter (02890883720 for the Belfast store) or by calling into the Estée Lauder counter to get even more details or to book a facial as a treat for yourself or as a gift (anyone who received this as a gift would be delighted because as well as receiving a facial they then can redeem £50 on skin care products so essentially getting two great presents).

Hope you found this helpful, post longer than usual as did not want to leave any key details out as I personally love hearing about the full experience, offers available, although I understand may be a bit too much detail for some people.  I would love to know if you have heard of the Re-Nutriv facial, or if had one,  what you thought of it – did you enjoy it as much as me?  I would also love to know if you intend to book one or if/when you do what you think of it?

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Thank you – take care and hope you have a lovely weekend.

Best Wishes Liz x