Review: Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream Challenge – Recycle & Be Rewarded Scheme

Hi Everyone

If you have been following me for a while you will know that I love Kiehl’s skin care and their ‘recycle and be rewarded scheme’ already (details on it at bottom of this post and you can see my earlier review on it here as well). Therefore when I seen their Ultra Facial Cream Challenge that works in conjunction with the recycle scheme I was delighted, excited to share with you all.

Currently when you bring an empty or unwanted moisturiser from any brand into a Kiehl’s ‘standalone’ store to be recycled via TERRACYCLE you will receive a deluxe 7ml sample of the Ultra Facial Cream, see below.  You will also receive a stamp on your ‘recycle and be rewarded’ loyalty card and a complimentary skin hydration check.


I managed to get mine last week, it is a good moisturiser so perfect way to try / take with you on a short break.  I love on this occasion that Kiehl’s are allowing any brand of moisturiser to be exchanged for their cream as it is another fab way Kiehl’s are encouraging / reminding more people to recycle.

 Belfast Store ‘Recycle’ box last week – FULL

Kiehl’s  ‘Recycle & Be Rewarded Scheme’ – When you return empty Kiehl’s ‘full size or travel size’ containers to a Kiehl’s ‘standalone store’  you can receive complimentary ‘Free’ travel-sized products.  Just ask for  a ‘stamp’  card in store (see below*), then you will get one stamp per empty product returned and when you have collected 10 stamps you can choose a free travel sized product.   You can find out more details about the recycle reward scheme here.


I understand it may take a while to complete a stamp card but it is still a great way to be rewarded for recycling especially if you purchase a lot of Kiehl’s products already.   I got my 5th stamp when I exchanged my empty moisturiser container – see photo below.  (Belfast store had none of the loyalty cards still last week so they are stamping on their business cards until they receive more).

Love to know if you have managed to get your complimentary deluxe sample of the ultra facial cream yet or received any travel size products through the recycle reward scheme before.   If you are not already a follower would love you to follow my blog too – would mean a lot.

Thank you – take care and will be back soon.

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* Insert loyalty card – credit