Magazine Freebies – ‘October’ 2019

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A few magazine freebies this month ‘October’ editions – a little reminder as always for any new followers, that magazines always are dated a month in advance i.e. you get the October issues in September usually but sometimes they can come out a little earlier i.e. near the end of the previous month i.e August.

Red =  £4.75 –  There is a choice of 3 Nails Inc Nail Polishes worth £11 FREE with this month’s Red magazine – I have resisted so far as I already have so many nail polishes and had already received the magazine (as have a subscription) – however still a fab offer.

Marie Claire = £4.20  A FREE 50ml Sanctuary Spa Body Butter included this month, worth £2.50 so only really a good freebie if you had intended to buy the magazine.  I did get the magazine as wanted it anyway so body butter is a bonus / treat for me especially as it does feel & smell amazing, perfect size for travelling.

No free gift with subscription this month but usually regular offers on so just keep checking online for more Free Gift with subscription offers.

Harper’s Bazaar = £4.80  A FREE 20ml Lixirskin Universal Emulsion Moisturiser worth £11 with this month’s magazine.  Had never tried this moisturiser before but as I have been so impressed after only a few days using it, I have bought another magazine just to get it.  It is a multi task moisturiser which as well as using on the face can be used on the eye contour area, lips, neck, decolletage arms and hands – loving it already so will do a separate post on it once I use it for a longer period of time but at this stage definitely recommend trying.


Free Givenchy Volume Mascara worth £23.50 with subscription this month – £18 for 12 issues.  If this offer is finished when you check, usually regular offers on so just keep checking online for more Free Gift with subscription offers.


Hope this helps – any comments / queries please let me know.   As always if I see any more magazine freebies will update this post.

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Hope you have a good week and definitely intend to get back to regular posting from this / next week.

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Review: Skinician Skincare Trio; Purifying Toner, Advanced Time Delay Day Cream and Restoring Night Cream

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Hope you are all having a lovely weekend so far.

As I have said before one of the many reasons I love attending beauty / fashion events is because we usually v kindly receive goodie bags containing a number of products including various beauty products from different brands which we may not be aware or got round to trying before we received them in our goodie bags.

One brand I discovered this way was the Skinician skin care brand and as I attended a lot of events in 2017 I was v lucky that I received a 50ml Purifying Toner and 30mls of both the Advanced Time Delay Day Cream and Restoring Night Cream from their range in different goodie bags which was a great way to try a number of their products together over a period of time .

About the Skinician Brand

In Ireland in 2012, mother & daughter team, and owners of the already successful 4Beauty Group, Hilary McMurray and Shelley Martin stepped into the ultra-competitive world of skincare with the launch of SKINICIAN – a  professional skincare brand focused delivering results.   In the 15 years previous Hilary stepped out of a successful corporate career in insurance and into entrepreneurship with the purchase of her own beauty salon in County Down, Ireland.   Later Hilary created the now internationally recognised He-Shi professional self-tan which developed Hilary’s resolve to do something exceptionally exciting in skincare.  This time, with the support of Hilary the development of SKINICIAN was spearheaded by her daughter Shelley.

Shelley worked with a range of skincare salons and professional therapists on the needs of salons and what was really important to them. Over a period of 3 years a small army of engaged skincare professionals diligently briefed, formulated and tested thousands of products. In the search for perfection, that process of formulate and test re-started, then re-started again until the SKINICIAN products we see in salons all over Ireland delivered on promise and were finally approved.  You can find out more about the Skinician range via the link here.

I love the sleek but practical packaging – always prefer when brands emboss their logo, details onto the packaging instead of using stickers, though does not affect the actual products, dislike the way some brand’s stickers start to ‘move’ with usage.

1.  Purifying Toner (100ml – £19.60) – suitable for Normal/Combination Oily Skin Acne Skin.


Described as a refreshing, hydrating and mattifying lotion for reducing shine whilst brightening skin tissue:


  • Reduces and regulates sebum production
  • Reduces skin blemishes by up to 30%
  • Reduces shine, leaving a long-term matte finish
  • Reduces the development of breakouts
  • Protects from damaging free radicals
Use twice daily after cleansing both morning and night to face and neck area; – I personally am not a ‘toner’ fan as although I have tried a number of toners from different brands over the years and understand what the benefits should be,  I have yet to find one that has made any great difference to my normal / combination skin after using, my favourite toner type product to date would be the Liz Earle Instant Boost Skin Tonic.
The Skinician purifying toner although not too overpowering still has that ‘toner’ type smell which I do not really like, the Liz Earle one doesn’t.    Very easy to apply with cotton pads (full size will be even easier as it has a spray applicator, good for applying during the day as well) – I used as directed twice a day and although it did seem to help reduce the shine on my t-zone area slightly over a period of time, I have not noticed any other benefits so still not convinced but saying that think this toner may be better for an even oilier skin.  Therefore as I still not a ‘toner’ fan will not be rushing out to purchase but if you enjoy using toners and have really oily / skin prone to breakouts I think this may be a good one for you to try.
2.  Advanced Time Delay Day Cream SPF 15 (50ml – £39.50) – suitable for Ageing Skin / Dry Skin /Dehydrated Skin /Sensitive Skin Normal/Combination Oily Skin.

Benefits described as:

  • Radical technology boosts energy potential to that of younger skin
  • Brighter, younger looking and softer skin within 4 weeks
  • SPF 15 to protect against UVA & UVB rays
  • Intense moisturisation with hyaluronic acid
  • Botanical B-Gucans increases skin softness by up to 21%, suppleness by up to 26%, and moisturisation by up to 23%
Apply after cleansing and toning, warm a small amount gently in the palm of your hand and apply generously to the face and neck area (avoiding eye area), leave skin to absorb moisturiser for five minutes before applying makeup  – So happy to see this cream, and the night cream, come in squeezeable tubes (full sizes are in similar packaging).  This white cream has a v light spa like fragrance and when applied as directed it sinks into skin so easily with no greasy residue, initially skin may feel a little sticky but within a few minutes this disappears and skin then feels smooth and looks refreshed  with a slight glow, skin also feels hydrated.   I have had no extra breakouts and  found this is a perfect base for my IT Cosmetics foundation but if using a  heavier foundation I would still suggest mixing a little serum or a slight bit of moisturiser into your foundation before applying especially if you have any really dry areas.
I love this cream can be used on the neck area as well and although I usually try most facial moisturisers on this areas as well this is the first moisturiser I have started to notice a difference after using, my skin on my neck area also feels smoother and looks more hydrated as well.  I am really impressed with this moisturiser, exceeded my expectations  – I do think it is suitable for all skin tones,  ages especially mid twenties up – my daughter received this moisturiser as well and she loves it as well, she has normal to dry skin.  I will be purchasingv soon as it has now become my favourite day time moisturiser.   Definitely recommend trying it for yourself. 

3.  Restoring Night Cream (50ml – £39.50) – suitable for Ageing Skin /Dry Skin /Dehydrated Skin /Sensitive Skin /Normal/Combination Oily Skin.

Benefits described as:

  • Radical technology boosts energy potential to that of younger skin
  • Brighter, younger looking skin within 4 weeks
  • Botanical B-Gucans increases skin softness by up to 21%, suppleness by up to 26%, and improves moisturisation by up to 23%.
Use daily at night to face and neck  – allow to fully absorb and nourish the skin for at least 8 hours.  As before this cream also comes in a tube.  It is an off-white cream and again with just a v light spa type fragrance.    I applied  / apply at night as directed after cleansing although initially feels v slightly tacky on the skin it quickly absorbs into the skin.  After application my skin looks more refreshed and in the morning  my skin did / does appear fresher, fines lines are not as obvious after prolonged use and again skin feels hydrated, smoother and looks revitalised as well, again when applied to the neck area it also helps to keep it hydrated and smooth.   

I feel when I use both the day and night creams together with my Antipodes serum underneath this is currently my best combination so will definitely will be purchasing this night cream as well.  I also feel that if I continue to use both I do not really need an additional neck cream as these both do such a good job.  Again recommend trying if you can.


I am so impressed with these products, although will not be purchasing the toner this is only because I am really not a toner fan, think it may be able better for a more oily skin.  However I love the day and night cream delighted with results and although at £39.50 it may seem expensive compared to some other brands, it is still more reasonable than others and as they are 50ml sizes and you need so little product they will last for ages.  I definitely think they are well worth the money and an added bonus is they are an Irish brand which is fantastic.

I have already checked out the rest of the Skinician range and now also want to try the Pro-Radiance Enzyme Cleanser, peel and advanced eye repair as they sound good as well – they are now on my list of products to purchase soon, after I get using similar products I already have.


Currently Skinician have the following great offer online, when you purchase either the Advanced Time Delay Day Cream or Hydrating Day Moisturiser you get a FREE facial exfoliator, come together in a pack, which is fantastic as wanted to try the exfoliator anyway.  You can check out,  see more from the  Skinician range via the link here.

Look forward to any comments you may have.   Have you tried any products from this range before?

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Thank you – take care and enjoy the rest of the weekend.

Best Wishes Liz x


Review: West Coast Cooler Belfast FASHIONWEEK – SS18 Media Launch

Hi Everyone

As you know as part of my passion for fashion I love attending fashion events so when I was kindly invited by the lovely Cathy Martin CMPR, the organiser of Belfast Fashion Week, to the Spring / Summer (SS18) West Coast Cooler Belfast FASHIONWEEK (WCCFW) media launch last week I was delighted (#WCCFW is on from 22- 25 March 2018).   Hard to believe it is the 25th Season of Belfast Fashion Week, what a fantastic achievement for Cathy and all her team – a Huge Congratulations to them all.

This was my first time at a media launch for Belfast Fashion Week so as well as being excited about seeing trends / colours for SS18 I was looking forward to seeing everyone.   The launch was held last Thursday 25th January 2018 in the The Ormeau Baths building, Belfast – lovely location and my first time there.


We were kindly offered West Coast Cooler drinks as soon as we arrived, even though I do not drink myself, really appreciate how West Coast Cooler NI (Sponsor of Belfast FASHIONWEEK) always look after everyone so well at these events – there were little snacks placed on each ‘table’ for everyone to enjoy as well.  Then after some socialising, catching up with some friends the fashion show began.


Below are just a few photos showing the trends, fashion, colours for SS18 (from a range of Boutiques / High Street stores) modelled beautifully by all the stunning models – fashion photos are courtesy of Colette O’Neill as my phone decided to give up – need an upgrade.











Lilac, pink, green, textures, stripes, pencil skirts are a few of the trends for SS18.  My favourite colours for the forthcoming season will be green, pink, lilac and Black as always (I know –  but for me Black always is in fashion and is my go to colour, always has been).   Although I love pink on everyone else I have only really started to wear it over the last few years and now really like it as well.   I love pencil skirts anyway so was delighted to see they are on trend for the season ahead as well.


A MASSIVE thank you to everyone for a fantastic day, especially Cathy for invite, all her team, West Coast Cooler NI, The Ormeau Baths staff, and all the companies who v kindly provided us with goodies at the end as well (see below) – which was / is greatly appreciated.


Now cannot wait for the 25th Season of Belfast FASHIONWEEK to start – it is on from Thursday 22nd March – Sunday 25th March 2018 with the main runway shows taking place in the stunning St. Anne’s Cathedral.

As well as the two fashion shows (high street and designer) there are a number of other events – see below and for more details, to purchase tickets – lovely treat for yourself or as a gift.

I hope to get going to at least both fashion shows and the Sunday Style Event – great event & a fantastic cause.

Thank you for reading – hope you have a fantastic week.  Intend to have more posts up tomorrow and during/end of the week.

Take care.

Best Wishes Liz x

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Review: Stylist Live Event – November 2017

Hi Everyone

I hope you all had a good weekend.

As you know as part of my passion for beauty and fashion I love attending beauty and fashion events and one event I have been wanting to attend for the last few years has been the Stylist Live event, held each year usually over three days in England – you can find out more details here.  Stylist Live is more than a beauty & fashion event, it helps bring the Stylist magazine to life across three days of experts, interviews, comedy, food, beauty and fashion exclusives.

As dates suited myself and my daughter this year I could not resist and bought the VIP tickets for us both.

These are the different ticket options available – details below, however always check what offers are on as you usually can get really good offers on tickets at the beginning, nearer the dates (if available) i.e. two for one etc. which is particularly good value on the Gold VIP tickets, (I got my tickets at the beginning).



This year Stylist Live was held in the Olympia London from Friday 10th to Sunday 12th November; Friday 10am-9pm, Saturday 10am – 7pm and Sunday 10am – 6pm and we attended on the  Friday  and as we were staying in London and only approximately a 10 minute walk from the venue we arrived at the start and as we were in no rush leaving, we did not mind the long queues for treatments.


If you a VIP ticket once you arrive and show your ticket (handy to just show on phone) you receive a VIP badge to wear round your neck throughout the day to gain excess to the VIP area which has additional offers, treatments available and where you get your goodie bag (we did not collect our gorgeous treats until the end of the day as bag was  packed with beautiful goodies).  If you have a VIP ticket remember to book your THRIVE event as soon as you see the one you want as the more popular ones go quickly e.g. Russell Brand and Fearne Cotton slots were fully booked really quickly.

Once you get inside you then have access to everything, as shown above, and can go round each ‘booth’ at your own pace.  We availed of the hair and beauty treatments and although queues for getting your hair done were v long, we didn’t really mind as we were in no rush but we did have to wait well over an hour & a half even though we went early but it still was worth it.     There is also a number of areas where you can get complimentary food, soft drinks (e.g. Diet Coke) and also purchase food.   Time just flew past and we did not leave the event until almost 9pm (closing time).

Definitely intend going back next year if I can because it even surpassed my expectations and I was expecting a lot – so many inspirational / informative talks, fashion shows, treatments, refreshments, and also good selection of brands, products to try and I discovered a number of new products as well – well worth the ticket price.     It is obvious a lot of planning, work goes into  this event,  v well organised, laid out although some booths were quite close together which made it a little bit more difficult to navigate at the busier times of the day but we did not mind this too much.    It is definitely worth all the ticket prices especially the VIP ticket when you take account of the additional treatments, refreshments, facilities you can avail off and the goodie bag you get.  If I lived near London would still  be happy with a bronze or silver ticket but when you have to travel a distance, I think the VIP ticket is the best option as the additional talks, treatments, food  available enhances your day’s enjoyment.

Therefore I  would highly recommend attending / purchasing tickets for the 2018 event when they become available if you can as we both thought it was a brilliant day  and really, really enjoyed it – v best event I have ever attended even taking account of the travelling we had to do to get there.  Many, many congratulations to all involved.

Few recommendations / tips for the day:

  • Book the VIP or other tickets when offers are on if you can;
  • Ensure you book your Thrive event as soon as possible if a VIP ticket holder;
  • Sign up for all the updates on the events on social media so you are fully aware of what is going to be available – updates on who and what will be available;
  • Get your free Stylist magazine which also gives details on the event and many other topics – copies of the most recent issue are available at the event too;
  • Nearer the date of the event, plan what you want to see, do on the day as when you go you will see so much;
  • Make sure you avail of as many offers as you can as this is a great way to learn about new brands and try new products; and finally
  • Just relax and enjoy your day; the perfect pampering experience.

Now onto the goodies we got (so, so impressed with the goodie bag well over the stated £150 stated value, but remember this is only available for VIP ticket holders) – we also were given a number of products to try from different brands, which was a great way to see if suitable prior to purchasing (all ticket holders have access to this.

The goodie bag:

Some of the other complimentary products we got to try and there was even more available:

Hope you enjoyed reading about the event – would love to know if you attended this year and if so what you thought of it – did you enjoy it as much as we did?

If you are not a follower would love you to subscribe / follow my blog too would mean a lot.  Intend to have more posts up tomorrow and during/end of the week.

Thank you for reading – hope you have a fantastic week.

Best Wishes Liz x

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Review: Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Contour & Beauty Light Wands & Brush

If like me you absolutely love attending as many beauty & fashion events, beauty master classes, new product launches as possible there are times when you say to yourself before you go,  I am going to resist and not going to purchase anything, going to wait and think about what I actually ‘need’, maybe want is a better word.    Well this is what I told myself  anyway prior to attending  a very enjoyable Charlotte Tilbury Master class last week in the House of Fraser Belfast store – although we were shown a number of Charlotte Tilbury products, the focus was mainly on the recently launched products, the ‘new’ Hollywood Collection.


However my resolve started to waver when I seen the gorgeous Hollywood collection in person and the results the brilliant makeup artist achieved when using them on the beautiful ‘model’ for the night.  Then once the makeup artists kindly applied the same products on my skin my resolve completely went and I was hooked and purchased the following three products( luckily I had gift cards to use as well) and I am now so glad I did (I also was impressed with the Matt Contour Liquid Lipstick from the collection and managed to resist but not for long as have now ordered one colour online and hoping will receive it today so will post a separate review on it soon):

1. Hollywood Contour Wand in Fair/Medium (also available in Medium/Dark) (12ml) RRP £29 (however you can buy the Contour Wand / Beauty Light Wand Duo on Charlotte for £51).

Firstly love the darker gold tone stylist, sleek packaging,  it has a gold push on cap, with sponge applicator.  You need to screw the top end to open and close which I love as this avoids product being wasted.  I used as recommended below and was / am so impressed.  You can also use as a bronzer but be careful not to use too much product as a little goes a long way.


It has a beautiful light creamy texture and the sponge applicator makes it so easy to apply, helps it to glide onto areas of your face you want to contour.  Fair / Medium is perfect for my pale skin and when you use the ‘Hollywood’ Complexion Brush it blends in so easily but you could also use any brush to blend if you prefer, although think this complexion brush works so well with both the contour & highlighting wand.


Product does dry pretty quickly so better not to leave too long before you blend.  It is buildable so better to apply less at the start to achieve the look you want but absolutely love the finish it looks so natural and is long lasting as well.    It is the perfect product for all ages as does not accentuate any fine lines just defines, helps sculpt and enhances the look of your skin which is what we all want.  In this short space of time this has now become my favourite contour product.

2.  Hollywood Beauty Light Wand Easy Highlighter (12ml) RRP £29 (however you can again buy the Contour Wand / Beauty Light Wand Duo on Charlotte for £51)

This has the exact same packaging as the contour wand so love it as well – only difference is it is bright Rose Gold packaging.    It is a beautiful light rose gold colour with a gorgeous creamy texture and again the sponge applicator makes it so easy to apply, so easy to define top of the cheekbones, under the eyebrows.


It blends so beautifully  and also is buildable so better again to apply less at the start as takes so little product to achieve the look you want, again adore the finish which makes it perfect for all ages as does not accentuate any fine lines just enhances  the look of your skin with a beautiful light reflecting glow which is what we all want.    As I  have fines lines around my eyes I usually am extra careful when I apply highlighter as most highlighters also highlight the fine lines which you really do not want but I find this product does not do that as long as you do not use too much.   It is also the perfect product for under the eyebrows, inner corner of the eyes, you can either use a small brush to do this or just take a little product from the sponge onto your fingertip and apply that way, works well both ways but a small brush does define more.  It is also perfect for highlighting the cupids bow, top of the lip and bridge of the nose.    In this short space of time this has also now become my favourite highlighter.

3.  Hollywood 2 in 1 Complexion Brush RRP £30

Also adore this dark burgundy / rose gold 2-in-1 makeup brush with synthetic fibres.  The bristles in this brush are soft but still firm enough for blending, buffing or softening any harsh lines.  I have found no fall out which is brilliant (although still need to trim two long bristles),  I am not a huge fan of most of her other brushes as bristles have fallen out & I personally feel they are not quite as good as brushes I own from other cheaper brands.


The larger flat-top brush is perfect for contour blending, even applying blush and the smaller angled brush is perfect for precise contouring / highlighting and for applying/blending product under the eyes and round the nose areas.    Although would not usually recommend getting another brush if you have enough already in your collection feel this is one would be a great addition to any ones collection as works perfectly with both the contour and highlighting wands, especially if you decide to get one or both of them.

I am so, so  impressed with all these products, love them all.  Although I do like a number of Charlotte Tilbury products already, these three products have exceeded my expectations and are now among my favourite (if not my favourite) Charlotte Tilbury products.   I definitely would recommend  getting all three of these products if you can as I adore all three but if want to get one at a time would recommend getting the Beauty Light Wand (highlighter) first, then the Contour Wand and then the Complexion Brush.  If you are near a Charlotte Tilbury counter call in and ask one of the makeup artists to show you the products and if you / they have time, know they would also be happy to apply some of the products for you as well, as think you will also fall in love with them when you see the results.

At the moment, during September if you order on Charlotte you will get a free deluxe sample of the MINI LEGENDARY LASHES MASCARA  as well as other samples at checkout.   Usually there is charge of £2.95 for postage when you spend under £49 but currently until 16th September 2017 (until tonight), to celebrate the brand’s birthday, there is free shipping on all orders.

Have you bought any products from the ‘Hollywood’ Collection yet, if so would love to know what you think of it, do you love them as much as me?

If you are not already a follower would love you to follow my blog too – would mean a lot – intend to have more posts up over the weekend, beginning of next week as well.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

Thank you and take care.

Best wishes Liz x

Jeans For Genes Appeal 2017 Limited Edition Fashion T-Shirt

Hi Everyone

A short post to let you that the Jeans for Genes 2017 Limited Edition fashion t-shirt is now available to purchase on  the website for £20I have already purchased mine and received it today.

What is Jeans for Genes?

Jeans for Genes is an appeal dedicated to raising funds that will help children suffering from genetic disorders.

Who does Jeans for Genes help?

The money raised on Jeans for Genes Day funds a range of initiatives that improve the quality of life of children affected by genetic disorders – please see the Jeans for Genes Day UK site for more detail.

How it happens in the UK

In the UK, one day every year – this year Jeans for Genes day is on Friday 22nd September 2017 – everyone is asked to throw out the usual dress rules, jump into their jeans and donate a sum to help this cause. The appeal also come up with ideas to raise extra funds, such as competitions and quizzes and  through their clothing including annual limited edition fashion t-shirts.

This year Jeans for Genes have teamed up again with Glasgow School of Art to bring you their latest limited edition fashion t-shirt which this year is designed by Molly Lindsay.

The T-shirt is £20 and comes in sizes UK 8 – UK 16 – all sizes still available at time of posting.


It is a beautiful good quality cotton, regular fit, short sleeve, black fashion t-shirt  with a slightly scoop neckline with the Jeans for Genes logo in white & blue and white detailing on the front.  I purchased the UK10/12 size and it is a perfect fit and I am usually a UK 10 on top.

I would definitely recommend visiting the Jeans for Genes Day website to learn more about this great cause, then by purchasing this t-shirt  or any of the other beautiful products on the site you can also be a part of Jeans for Genes day through supporting this excellent cause.   You can wear this year’s Limited Edition t-shirt any time not just the 22nd September 2017 – I still wear previous years t-shirts.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post – much appreciated.  Look forward to any comments you may have – if you are not already a follower would love you to follow my blog too – would mean a lot.

Best Wishes Liz x

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Alfaparf Milano Cristalli Liquidi Instant Illuminating Serum Review

Hi Everyone

As you may know by now I love attending beauty / fashion events because as well as picking up useful tips, meeting fellow beauty / fashion enthusiasts  you usually also kindly receive a goodie bag packed full of beautiful products to try.     One such product I was lucky enough to receive in the Irish Beauty Bloggers Blog Awards 2017  goodie bag (photo of goodie bag at bottom of this post) was a  generous *30ml  ‘Alfaparf Milano Diamond Cristalli Liquidi Instant Luminating Serum’ RRP £18.95.  Alfaparf Milano is an Italian brand which you can learn more about here.

I had never heard of the brand before so was excited to try, as go through so many hair products with washing / styling my hair every day so always on the look out for great products.

Size / Packaging

It states you can purchase the ‘Alfaparf Milan Cristalli Liquidi Instant Luminating Serum’ in three sizes, 16, 30 and 50ml – it comes in a beautiful sleek glass bottle with pump applicator, which I prefer.


States is FREE from sulphate & unfriendly ingredients and is ‘an instant luminating serum for all hair types; a precious beauty fluid that leaves hair immediately shiny silky-soft and manageable.  Protects the hair fiber from external aggressions by creating a light and elastic film that is anti-humidity and anti dryness making the product suitable for all climates.  Results visible from the very first application.

Application and Results

The serum is a golden colour with oily serum consistency.  There is a quite strong smell of it, hard to actually describe the fragrance but smells more like a perfume fragrance to me which I quite like but may be slightly off-putting to some, however not as strong when you apply / dry your hair.    You are advised to ‘squeeze a few drops of the product onto the hands.  Then apply to damp or dry hair and process with styling’.    I applied one pump to my long fine damp hair before brushing and found it left my hair so much easier to brush through, not as many tangles.  I then dried / styled as normal and was / am  so impressed  with the results, you need so little product and leaves my hair soft, looking more sleek, glossy and healthy.    I also apply a small amount to the lengths and ends of my hair after styling and any time throughout the day, if needed, to help with humidity / weather conditions, perfect for taming any frizziness, dry ends.    Does not leave my hair feeling or looking greasy, actually feels that you do not have any product in your hair.  However one tip is if you apply to damp hair before brushing and have a fringe do not use same brush to dry your fringe as the residue of the product on the brush may leave your fringe looking slightly greasy.


I also find that your hair feels softer and more manageable the next day as well, better than with any other styling products I have used.  I will definitely be purchasing this product and may even get the smaller size as well to take with me in my bag.  I also intend checking out other products in the range, expectations are high now. If you have never heard of this product or got round to trying it yet I  would  definitely recommend trying it for yourself as think you will love it as well.

You can purchase from a number of stores / online sites and have included one below which currently has the following reductions.

If you have tried the ‘Alfaparf Milan Cristalli Liquidi Instant Luminating Serum’ before would love to know your thoughts, do you like it as much as me?

The Irish Beauty Bloggers Blog Awards 2017 Goodie Bag:

Thank you for looking  and look forward to any comments you may have – if you are not already a follower would love you to follow my blog too – would mean a lot.

Thank you – take care and hope you all have a lovely weekend.

Best Wishes Liz x

*Complimentary Product