Review: Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Contour & Beauty Light Wands & Brush

If like me you absolutely love attending as many beauty & fashion events, beauty master classes, new product launches as possible there are times when you say to yourself before you go,  I am going to resist and not going to purchase anything, going to wait and think about what I actually ‘need’, maybe want is a better word.    Well this is what I told myself  anyway prior to attending  a very enjoyable Charlotte Tilbury Master class last week in the House of Fraser Belfast store – although we were shown a number of Charlotte Tilbury products, the focus was mainly on the recently launched products, the ‘new’ Hollywood Collection.


However my resolve started to waver when I seen the gorgeous Hollywood collection in person and the results the brilliant makeup artist achieved when using them on the beautiful ‘model’ for the night.  Then once the makeup artists kindly applied the same products on my skin my resolve completely went and I was hooked and purchased the following three products( luckily I had gift cards to use as well) and I am now so glad I did (I also was impressed with the Matt Contour Liquid Lipstick from the collection and managed to resist but not for long as have now ordered one colour online and hoping will receive it today so will post a separate review on it soon):

1. Hollywood Contour Wand in Fair/Medium (also available in Medium/Dark) (12ml) RRP £29 (however you can buy the Contour Wand / Beauty Light Wand Duo on Charlotte for £51).

Firstly love the darker gold tone stylist, sleek packaging,  it has a gold push on cap, with sponge applicator.  You need to screw the top end to open and close which I love as this avoids product being wasted.  I used as recommended below and was / am so impressed.  You can also use as a bronzer but be careful not to use too much product as a little goes a long way.


It has a beautiful light creamy texture and the sponge applicator makes it so easy to apply, helps it to glide onto areas of your face you want to contour.  Fair / Medium is perfect for my pale skin and when you use the ‘Hollywood’ Complexion Brush it blends in so easily but you could also use any brush to blend if you prefer, although think this complexion brush works so well with both the contour & highlighting wand.


Product does dry pretty quickly so better not to leave too long before you blend.  It is buildable so better to apply less at the start to achieve the look you want but absolutely love the finish it looks so natural and is long lasting as well.    It is the perfect product for all ages as does not accentuate any fine lines just defines, helps sculpt and enhances the look of your skin which is what we all want.  In this short space of time this has now become my favourite contour product.

2.  Hollywood Beauty Light Wand Easy Highlighter (12ml) RRP £29 (however you can again buy the Contour Wand / Beauty Light Wand Duo on Charlotte for £51)

This has the exact same packaging as the contour wand so love it as well – only difference is it is bright Rose Gold packaging.    It is a beautiful light rose gold colour with a gorgeous creamy texture and again the sponge applicator makes it so easy to apply, so easy to define top of the cheekbones, under the eyebrows.


It blends so beautifully  and also is buildable so better again to apply less at the start as takes so little product to achieve the look you want, again adore the finish which makes it perfect for all ages as does not accentuate any fine lines just enhances  the look of your skin with a beautiful light reflecting glow which is what we all want.    As I  have fines lines around my eyes I usually am extra careful when I apply highlighter as most highlighters also highlight the fine lines which you really do not want but I find this product does not do that as long as you do not use too much.   It is also the perfect product for under the eyebrows, inner corner of the eyes, you can either use a small brush to do this or just take a little product from the sponge onto your fingertip and apply that way, works well both ways but a small brush does define more.  It is also perfect for highlighting the cupids bow, top of the lip and bridge of the nose.    In this short space of time this has also now become my favourite highlighter.

3.  Hollywood 2 in 1 Complexion Brush RRP £30

Also adore this dark burgundy / rose gold 2-in-1 makeup brush with synthetic fibres.  The bristles in this brush are soft but still firm enough for blending, buffing or softening any harsh lines.  I have found no fall out which is brilliant (although still need to trim two long bristles),  I am not a huge fan of most of her other brushes as bristles have fallen out & I personally feel they are not quite as good as brushes I own from other cheaper brands.


The larger flat-top brush is perfect for contour blending, even applying blush and the smaller angled brush is perfect for precise contouring / highlighting and for applying/blending product under the eyes and round the nose areas.    Although would not usually recommend getting another brush if you have enough already in your collection feel this is one would be a great addition to any ones collection as works perfectly with both the contour and highlighting wands, especially if you decide to get one or both of them.

I am so, so  impressed with all these products, love them all.  Although I do like a number of Charlotte Tilbury products already, these three products have exceeded my expectations and are now among my favourite (if not my favourite) Charlotte Tilbury products.   I definitely would recommend  getting all three of these products if you can as I adore all three but if want to get one at a time would recommend getting the Beauty Light Wand (highlighter) first, then the Contour Wand and then the Complexion Brush.  If you are near a Charlotte Tilbury counter call in and ask one of the makeup artists to show you the products and if you / they have time, know they would also be happy to apply some of the products for you as well, as think you will also fall in love with them when you see the results.

At the moment, during September if you order on Charlotte you will get a free deluxe sample of the MINI LEGENDARY LASHES MASCARA  as well as other samples at checkout.   Usually there is charge of £2.95 for postage when you spend under £49 but currently until 16th September 2017 (until tonight), to celebrate the brand’s birthday, there is free shipping on all orders.

Have you bought any products from the ‘Hollywood’ Collection yet, if so would love to know what you think of it, do you love them as much as me?

If you are not already a follower would love you to follow my blog too – would mean a lot – intend to have more posts up over the weekend, beginning of next week as well.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

Thank you and take care.

Best wishes Liz x

4 thoughts on “Review: Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Contour & Beauty Light Wands & Brush

  1. Susie says:

    I have been to Hollywood twice and I am very lucky I know. I do very much like this range of makeup and I know from samples that the quality is excellent. Lovely to read this post and I hope to buy this collection one day. I always want these lovely items so it’s very useful to read your column. Many thanks from Susie

    Liked by 1 person

    • kellyklk says:

      Susie That’s sounds fantastic – on my list of places to visit. Thank you for your kind words, mean a lot as always – so glad you enjoyed it. Yes really impressed with these new products. Take care and chat soon Liz X


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